Pay attention to diarrhea during pregnancy during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, many things that happen and normal occur during pregnancy, but at this time, expectant mothers cannot be careless. During the pregnancy, diarrhea should pay attention to. At this time, expectant mothers are not better than usual than usual than usual.At the time of time, I will tell you today that pregnant women should take care of diarrhea during pregnancy, how to pay attention and be careful.

1. Mild diarrhea does not need to be nervous

Will diarrhea affect the fetus during pregnancy? I believe this is the question of many expectant mothers.Liao Zhiqiong, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said that the diarrhea of pregnant women is the same as ordinary people. Most of them are diarrhea caused by infection.Diarrhea; may also be caused by allergies such as seafood and other foods.

2. Repeated diarrhea must be vigilant

Frequent and severe diarrhea should be paid attention to. Due to repeated diarrhea, frequent gastrointestinal motility is caused. Over time, it will cause uterine contraction, leading to abortion or premature birth.Therefore, if the diarrhea is repeated, it should not be delayed for more than 24 hours.In addition, if pregnant women repeatedly have diarrhea, they will inevitably affect the absorption of nutrients, which will also have a certain impact on the development of the fetus.

In the arrival of summer, expectant mothers can’t help but eat foods that can eat ice cream or watermelon, etc., although these foods bring coolness, but also cause diarrhea problems of pregnant women.

3. Specific mothers should avoid eating cold foods, such as ice cream, watermelon, cool white and other cold things.

4. Keep your mouth, don’t be too greedy, don’t eat too much or too full, be able to stop and stop, and the easier for expectant mothers can consider eating less meals and timely supplement the nutrients needed for the body.

5. Eat less greasy and sweet foods. Be sure to pay attention to the cleaning of the food. The so -called disease comes in from the mouth. Normal people will pay attention to it, let alone pregnant women. In the early stages of pregnancy, pay particular attention and take good care.

6. When diarrhea, expectant mothers should pay special attention to medication. Pregnant women must take drugs that have less affected the fetus under the guidance of a doctor to effectively control diarrhea.

During pregnancy, when you are diarrhea, you must not care about herself, because they may not be good for her and the baby’s body. Pay attention to and check in time.

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