Pay attention to the "white" of leucorrhea, carefully affect the creation of the people!

The color of the leucorrhea indicates that inflammation occurs. Although it can be pregnant, the pregnancy rate is lower than that of healthy people, because the secretions of inflammation are not conducive to sperm penetration.Therefore, it is best to cure inflammation first, and then get pregnant.In fact, healthy women who have estrogen have genitals, commonly known as leucorrhea.Normal leucorrhea should be milky white or colorless transparency, slightly fishy or tasteless. If the color, quality, and quantity of the leucorrhea have changed abnormally, it is called leucorrhea abnormalities.

Vartic abnormal type

1. Tofu residue leucorrhea: This is a typical leucorrhea of Candida vaginitis, white or light green, and sometimes it can be yogurt. The vulva can see the lump -like leucorrhea.It is often accompanied by vulvar swelling, severe itching, and frequent urination.

2. White or gray -yellow foam thin leucorrhea: This is a typical trichic vaginitis leucorrhea. It is generally accompanied by a slight vulva itching. This itching sometimes has no time, and usually appears before and after menstruation.

3. Water -like leucorrhea: The vagina continues to flow out of the rice -like leucorrhea, which is strange. Generally, it can be smelled by 1 meter away. This situation usually occurs in advanced cervical cancer, vaginal cancer or orUterine mucosal fibroids are infected.

4. Blood leucorrhea: Sometimes it is mixed with bright red blood in the leucorrhea. Sometimes it is a brown leucorrhea after the leucorrhea is mixed with the blood, which can be more or less.Such leucorrhea usually appears in cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical polyps, severe cervical erosion, subtinumiomyoma or loop of uterine mucosa.

5. Valu -like leucorrhea: The leucorrhea is yellow or yellow -green with yellowish leucorrhea, sticky, smelly, and a large amount. Even because the leucorrhea needs to use sanitary napkins, you need to replace the underwear many times a day.In addition, it is accompanied by itching, abdominal pain, and even fever.

What should I do if my leucorrhea is yellow after pregnancy?

The increase in estrogen hormone levels after pregnancy will increase the number of leucorrhea of pregnant women, which is also normal.However, if there is vaginal inflammation, in addition to the yellowing of the leucorrhea, there may also be leucorrhea odor, itching of the pussy or leucorrhea to show tofu slag.As long as the pathogenia is found and targeted treatment, it will not have a great impact on pregnancy.

Daily health of abnormal leucorrhea

1. Regular inspections should be checked regularly even if there is no discomfort. It is best to perform a comprehensive gynecological examination once a year.

2. Pay attention to wearing less tight pants or jeans. Underwear should choose cotton cloth texture.

3. Do not use sanitary pads on weekdays. Some ladies worry about leucorrhea staining underwear. Even if they are not menstrual, they always like to use sanitary pads.In fact, the pads are poorly breathable, and the long -term use is not hygienic. If the pads with poor disinfection are used, the effect is even more counterproductive.In addition, the female care solution of the PH4 weak acid formula is more suitable for daily cleaning.

4. Enhance immunity and persist in exercise, enhance physical fitness, be able to sleep sufficient sleep, reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, and eat more vitamin -rich foods.

5. Psychological adjustment to do more things that make yourself happy, learn psychological adjustment, maintain a good psychological state, and avoid excessive excitement and impatience.

Can I get pregnant without leucorrhea?

Lagua, like menstruation, is a normal physiological phenomenon of women.Under normal circumstances, the votular period of ovulation will appear more and transparent due to the peak of estrogen secretion at this time. It is viscous and can be pulled into silk -like like egg white.Essence

So, can you get pregnant without leucorrhea?

In general, there are very few leucorrhea, and many cannot be seen.In the ovulation period or in the early days of menstruation, leucorrhea is increasing.If you have no leucorrhea at any time, you need to check the endocrine.If it is low hormone level, it will cause this situation.If the ovulation period is not brushed due to ovulation disorders, it will still consider affecting pregnancy.

Female friends who are due to this reason are recommended to conduct follicle testing to determine whether to ovulate.

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