Pay attention to these 4 points during pregnancy.

For the first time, the mother of Huai Huai was undoubtedly nervous and excited during pregnancy. Because she had no experience, she was afraid that she would not do it well, and would cause harm to the baby in the stomach.Sometimes I read some information on the Internet, or listened to some others. I feel that raising tires during pregnancy is really a variety of times, and I do n’t know who to believe.In fact, it is not so difficult to spend during pregnancy. As long as Bao Ma usually pays attention to these points, not only does it feel comfortable and not guilty, but it is also good for the baby in the stomach!Let’s take a look together.


As the pregnancy time is getting longer and longer, Baoma’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, which will cause Baoma’s focus to gradually shift. It will not be long before you can feel the back pain.It may be pressed to the baby in the stomach, so the best fetal posture of Baoma during this period was lying down.However, there are hidden dangers often lying down. It is likely to make the baby a huge child. It will also reduce the physical fitness of Baoma. It will be very difficult when it is produced.Choose a long -lasting soft pants that can hold the abdomen. Wearing it will make your body more comfortable, you don’t have to worry about the baby who squeeze into the stomach.


In the late pregnancy, the big belly will also cause oppression to Bao Ma’s waist. If you do n’t pay attention, you may leave your mother after giving birth, so Baoma must learn to relax her waist, such as inWhen sleeping, prepare a pregnant woman who can protect the waist and reduce the pressure of the waist and abdomen to make yourself sleep more.And pregnant women’s pillows generally keep Baoma’s sleeping position on the left, which is also the best sleeping position for the growth of the baby.

Nutritional balance

After many mother -in -law became pregnant, she jumped into the "altar" at home. She couldn’t touch it. The family was delicious and delicious.Baby, so the big fish and big meat all day, the mountains and sea flavors come. In fact, this is not good for Baoma and the baby.road.

Listen to some soothing and brisk music

After pregnancy, because of the influence of physical hormones and physical discomfort, Baoma’s temper will change. I often want to have a sense of fire. At this time, Baoma can listen to some soothing or brisk music to make the mood easier to become easier.And the baby in the belly can promote the development of intelligence, which is equivalent to making early education, which can be described as one stone.

As long as the above 4 points are achieved during pregnancy, Baoma will feel a lot easier, and it is more good for the baby’s growth and development!

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