Pay attention to this gynecological inflammation during pregnancy, otherwise it will affect the health of the baby’s baby

Xiaoli’s baby was born shortly, and suddenly found that the baby could not cry, and the baby was accompanied by the symptoms of vomiting bubbles at the same time. When the baby opened his mouth, it was easy to see the baby’s upper jaw position with white mucosa.At the same time, the mental state was also very sluggish. This was urgent to break Xiaoli. He quickly took the baby to the hospital for examination. Finally, he was diagnosed with goose ulcers. Fortunately, Xiaoli was sent in time. If it was later, it could evolve into sepsis.In fact, the main reason for the baby’s symptoms is that Xiaoli caused mild mold vaginitis after being infected by Candida before pregnancy, which involved the symptoms of the child.We all know that if you suffer from gynecological inflammation before or during pregnancy, we must treat it in time, otherwise it will not only affect your own health, but also affect the normal development of the baby. If the pregnant mother wants to give birth to a healthyBabies must be treated quickly before pregnancy. Regarding fungal vaginitis, we must give you popularity here:

How is moldy vaginitis caused by pregnancy?

Mold vaginitis is caused by white Candida infection. It is generally affected by hormones during pregnancy. If the pregnant mother does not pay attention to personal hygiene, the vagina is easy to breed this fungus, which will cause mold infections.If the pregnant mother suffers from diabetes or is susceptible to diabetes during pregnancy, it is more likely to be infected with mold vaginitis.During pregnancy, the vaginal secretion of pregnant mothers increases compared to usual. Normal secretions usually show milky white and will not be very sticky. However, if the secretion is infectedIt is yellowish, and some will appear as tofu.

Can I get pregnant with mold vaginitis?

Many mothers have such doubts when suffering from fungal vaginitis. If they suffer from mold vaginitis, can she still get pregnant?In fact, inflammation with relatively mild symptoms generally does not directly affect pregnancy, but if the symptoms of fungal vaginitis are too serious, pregnancy should be prepared after treatment.

What impact does mold vaginitis affect fetal baby?

During pregnancy, under the protection of the uterus, the mildew vaginitis of pregnant mothers will not affect the baby’s baby.Luthebone rash, yellow needle -like spots on the umbilical cord. At the same time, when the fetus is delivered from the vagina, there will be a probability of 2/3 of the goose and hip red.At the same time, after the pregnant mother’s breasts have mold, it has no effect on normal breastfeeding, but it will feel more obvious to a certain extent.

What should I do if I have mold vaginitis during pregnancy?

For pregnant mothers with fungal vaginitis, gynecological inflammation is originally a difficult thing, so many pregnant mothers will find a way to treat treatment by themselves, but it is necessary to remind the pregnant mother here that if there is no occurrence, it does not occur.Symptoms of comfortable, do not Baidu, operate in accordance with the online statement. At the same time, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.It is also for the health of the baby.

In fact, many gynecological inflammation is relatively stubborn, and it is easy to repeatedly repeated, so this requires pregnant mothers to do a good job of examination before pregnancy. At the same timeWhen conducting sexual life, you should also pay special attention to choose a safe way. Finally, I wish every pregnant mother to spend pregnancy safely and smoothly.

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