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At present, malignant tumors have become the second major causes of children’s death. Investigation and research on the National Children’s Tumor Testing Center showed that from 2018 to 2020, a total of 1,21145 children and adolescents in my country were diagnosed with tumors.

Professor Zhao Qiang, deputy chairman of the National Health and Health Commission of Children’s malignant entity oncology, and vice president of the Party Committee and Deputy Dean of the Cancer Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, said that children’s tumors are hidden in the early stage and have the characteristics of urgency, rapid progress, and transition.It is necessary to pay close attention to the four children’s high incidence tumors: neuroblastoma, brain tumor, malignant lymphoma, and renal female cell tumor.

Fortunately, in the early days of standardized diagnosis and treatment, more than 70 % of these four children with high tumors can be cured.

Symptoms of neuroblastoma: fever, weight loss

Neurotomas have always been called "the king of children’s tumors". The peak peak is 0 to 5 years old. Early symptoms of children are often fever, weight loss, and local mass.With the continuous update of diagnosis and treatment, the "king of children’s tumors" is no longer terrible.

Zhao Qiang introduced that in the face of primary treatment of neuroblastoma, doctors can use new technologies such as radioactive nuclear technology, tiny residual stove testing, genetic examination and other new technologies to the position of neuroblastoma, bone marrow infiltration, bone marrow metastases, gene characteristics, etc.Precise diagnosis and evaluation are performed to perform "individualized diagnosis and treatment" for children.

For the late recurrence of neurotoma, currently through multidisciplinary combined diagnosis and treatment (MDT) team, dynamically modify the diagnosis and treatment plan and diagnosis and treatment mode, use chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, autologous stem cell transplantation, and GD2 monoclonal antibody treatment.The 5 -year -old survival rate (EFS) has been increased by 15%, and the total survival rate (OS) of the 5 -year total survival rate (EFS) has increased by 15%, and the 5 -year total survival rate (OS) is increased by 14%to achieve better efficacy.

Symptoms of brain tumor: headache, vomiting

At present, the incidence of brain tumors in children in my country has risen rapidly year by year. About 7,000 children in my country are diagnosed with brain tumors. The types of children’s common brain tumors in children include myeloblastoma, skull pharyngeal tumor, star cell tumor, and room. Diamond tumor and glioblastoma.

"Children’s brain tumor peak peaks are 5 years old -8 years old. The common symptoms of children in children are headaches, vomiting, visual disorders, etc." Zhao Qiang introduced that because the child’s body is in the developmental period, it has the characteristics of strong metabolism and strong bone marrow regeneration ability.Radiotherapy usually achieves better results."Children’s nice and malignant brain tumors are cured. For example, a messengocytic cell tumor has a 5 -year survival rate of 97%. Highly malignant tumors, such as myeloblastoma, can survive in 5 years to 60%-70%."Zhao Qiang introduced.

Symptoms of malignant lymphoma: lymph node enlargement and weakness

Children’s malignant lymphoma is a malignant tumor in lymph tissue, mainly divided into two categories: Hodgkin lymphoma and non -Hodgkin lymphoma.The peak of this disease is 4-7 years old.Early symptoms of children are commonly used in lymph nodes, weakness, and weight loss. Because their early symptoms and signs are not obvious, they are often treated as other diseases, and the misdiagnosis rate can reach more than 60%.

Zhao Qiang said that although most children’s non -Hodgkin lymphoma is highly malignant, with the development of medical technology, the survival rate has increased significantly in recent years, close to 80%, and Hodgkin lymphoma is relatively low.The cure rate can reach about 90%.

Symptoms of kidney maternal cytoma: abdominal lumps, hematuria

Kidaloblastoma is the most common malignant tumor in pediatric urinary systems, and the incidence of boys and girls is generally flat.Children’s peak peaks are 3 years old to 5 years old. Early symptoms are often abdominal mass and hematuria.

Zhao Qiang reminded that abdominal lumps are the most common symptoms of children’s kidney maternal cytoma. Parents can be discovered by touching. Generally, the lump is located below the ribs of one side of the child’s abdomen.1/3-1/2 of the entire abdomen.

The treatment of nephromicoma takes surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy as its main means. The treatment effect of kidney maternal cytoma is better among all child tumors. In the early days, it was found and received standardized treatment. The overall cure rate can exceed 90%.

Use the "one -minute anti -cancer body" method and early detection of children’s tumors

Some children are younger when they become ill, and they cannot accurately describe their symptoms through language. Therefore, children’s tumors want to be found early, and parents have played a decisive role.

Professor Yan Jie, director of the Department of Children’s Cancer Department of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital, reminded that parents should use the "one -minute anti -cancer physical examination" method after taking a bath or sleeping, according to the eight characters of "head, neck, shoulder, abdomen, and legs,"Touching checks, pay special attention to checking the soft and hard -and -unevenness of the subcutaneous skin. If you find that there are blocks in the abdomen and limbs, you should go to the hospital for professional examination as soon as possible.

There are tumor family history, genetic diseases, parents who have been exposed to certain chemicals (paint, petroleum products, solvents, pesticides), and mothers who have been exposed to ionizing radiation during pregnancy or taking some hormone drugs during pregnancy.Risk will increase.Yan Jie suggested that for children with high risk of cancer, parents should take their children to a professional hospital for a physical examination on time. Usually, in accordance with the incidence of children’s tumors, it is recommended that parents can do it within one year after the child is born and the child will take the child about 3 to do it.Super screening, and early discovery of the disease early diagnosis and treatment.(Reporter Chen Xi correspondent Yang Yang)

Source: Science and Technology Daily

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