Pay attention!These three types of non -prescription common medicines do not take freely

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Many people think that non -prescription medicines do not need a doctor to prescribe prescriptions, and they can buy them at will with their self -judgment.Therefore, the safety is higher, so you can take it with peace of mind.In fact, non -prescription drugs should also be used with caution for special groups like pregnant women.Even commonly used cold medicines, cough medicines and external medicines such as non -prescriptions, pregnant women cannot use them at will.

Including histamine ingredients, cold medicine should not take during pregnancy.

Early pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy) is a period of formation of various organs of the fetus. If pregnant women have a popular cold and have severe symptoms, at this time, taking medicine is also risky for the fetus, and should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Most of the anti -cold medicines are composite preparations, which contain a variety of ingredients. Most of the common cold medicines contain histamine. It should not be taken during pregnancy, especially within 4 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant women with antiviral drugs must use antiviral drugs if they need to use antiviral drugs.

Although antibiotics are prescription medicines, antibiotics are stored in many small pills. Do not use pregnant women.Pregnant women have no clear evidence of bacterial infection when they have a cold, such as tonsil inflammation, cough and yellow sputum, etc., try not to use antibiotics.

Chinese and Western cough medicine taboos and multi -medicinal properties are the first choice

On the market, cough drugs are dazzling, and the pharmacological effects of various drugs are different. Therefore, pregnant women should use cough drugs with caution to benefit the condition, recovery and fetal protection.

According to the Chinese medicine research, although the Yuanzhi syrup effect is good in terms of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, the uterus can be caused by rhythmic excitement, causing paroxysmal contractions, and may even cause abortion. Pregnant women should be prohibited.

In addition, cough medicines containing almonds should not be used. After hydrolysis of almondin, trace amounts of hydrocyric acid can be produced, which can endanger the development of the fetus and even life.

At the same time, polyshaw pills, vermiculite rolling phlegm pills, and Dacjin Dan and other cough cough medicines, pregnant women should also be prohibited.

Western medicine preparations such as hypertension or cardiac insufficiency, and sputum diseases such as hypertension, and cough should be disabled.After taking it, it will have anesthesia for the respiratory mucosa, causing poor breathing of pregnant women, and even obstruction of the respiratory tract, causing the fetus to hypoxia and suffocation.Pregnant women with digestive ulcers and tuberculosis lesions should also disable potassium iodide to prevent the disease from exacerbating the condition.It can be treated with morphine relief drugs such as compound licorice synthesis (including opioids), which can inhibit the fetal breathing and endanger the normal development of the fetal brain nerve.At the same time, this drug can also fight against the excitement of the oxide and extend the output.

Therefore, if a pregnant woman coughs, the doctor should ask the doctor to find out the cause of the cough. Under the guidance of the doctor, choose to take cough medicines that are more mild in medication, such as licorice flowing, cough syrup and other respiratory cough drugs, or stew Sydney with rock sugar., White sugar soaked in radish food therapy.

External medicine is easy to penetrate wind oil essence and other cautious use

Do not take medicine during pregnancy, this problem generally can attract the attention of pregnant women.However, for the use of external medicines during pregnancy, many expectant mothers may ignore it.It is generally believed that topical drugs will never have much impact.In fact, this idea is wrong.

Relevant information shows that women should be used with caution during pregnancy, because some external drugs can be absorbed into blood through the skin, causing fetal poisoning and causing damage to the fetal nervous system organs.

The external medicines that need to be used with caution are: antibiotic external ointment, antiviral external medicine, skin disease external medicine, and wind oil essence.


"Three attention" of expectant mothers medication

1. The most dangerous period of medication for pregnant women is the first three months of the beginning of pregnancy. At this time, the fetus is in the period of development. The most vulnerable drug is attacked, causing fetal malformation and abortion.Therefore, during this period, try not to use any drugs.

2. When the treatment must be used, the course of treatment should be shortened. Do not take it for a long time.

3. Three months after pregnancy to before birth, you should also take care of medicine.When you must use it, try to choose long -term and safe drugs.(Qiu Yingping)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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