Peacock fish has a miscarriage because of jumping tanks, and ignoring the following problems can cause fish jump tanks

Hello everyone, I am the old fish raising, and I have more knowledge about fish breeding and breeding practical knowledge. Please pay attention to let us easily raise water and raise fish happily!

Old fish raising, I found a very strange phenomenon. I want to ask you. Yesterday I bought a pair of Hongyun as a peacock fish. When I got home, I accidentally caused the female fish to jump the tank.I have been in a bad spirit, I lay the tank for one night. I wasolated it. This morning, I found that there were a lot of small particles in the isolation box. I thought it was not finished fish food.It ’s all fish eggs. What is going on? How can it be fish eggs? Is n’t it directly raw small fish? Will this phenomenon appear?

When it jumped out of the fish tank, it jumped very high. I found that I found out for a long time before I found it. Then I got it into the fish tank and isolate.I didn’t move too much. I started to swim today and swim slowly on the float. I found that there is this thing in the fish tank. It is in the isolation box of it. This is a miscarriage, right?

It should be said that the malach fish’s vitality of this fisherman is still quite tenacious. If you change it to other malachfish, you will have worshiped it long ago.

Why do you want to tell you the fisherman today, let everyone take a look at the above picture. This is the peacock fish egg that has not been fertilized at all, because many new fishermen will encounter this situation, but all the peacock fish will all be all, but all the peacock fish will all be all.There is very little phenomenon of fish and eggs, most of which are:

First there are a few more normal peacock fry, and some are normal, and some will have large yolk sacs, that is, what the above picture looks like, hanging under the stomach of the small fish fry, some are large, some are not large, and some are not.Too big, this proves that these small fish fry did not develop well at all, which is what we call premature birth.

Then give birth to the above eggs, this is a miscarriage. These eggs are also mixed with some small fish tires, that is, some small fish frys that have not boupled their bodies, plus these females.The amniotic fluid is the root cause of the water quality of the entire breeding cylinder. If it is not good, it may be played with big fish.

So the cause of this phenomenon, in addition to the special circumstances of the female fisherman’s female jumping tank above, most of the remaining factors are mostly from the stimulus of the new water. We must be cautious.

If you breed the peacock fish, it also includes various other ov. vibration ornamental fish. In this case, we can only keep the big fish and some strong fry, and the others must be eliminated.

In the process of breeding ornamental fish, there seems to be many times that the number of ornamental fish jump cylinders encountered. In fact, the main reason for them to get rid of the sea of suffering is because they are living all day long.The stable environment is eagerly jumped out of the fish tank desperately.

Most of the ornamental fish with jumping tanks are very sensitive ornamental fish or ornamental fish with high jump capabilities, such as arowana, thunder dragon, red -tailed shark, red arrow fish, black Marie, koi and so on.Many small ornamental fish jump tanks may generally be caused by the opaque container or the high water level, excessive scare, and the breeding container is too small.

These factors must pay more attention in our usual breeding. In addition, over -fighting between ornamental fish will also cause the weak to bear the pressure and jump the cylinder.

However, the peacock fish of the aim of the above -mentioned fishmates, because there are few abortion of the jumping cylinder.

After watching the fish jumping tank, as long as the body surface is not dry, most of them may be rescued. Of course, this is also a scoring variety. Some native fish may die from the water.After that, there is no need to be too panic. This is personal experience and feeling.

Why do you say that is where the fish farming is far from the fish tank and finds that there is something on the ground outside the fish tank. The first thing to think of is that a certain ornamental fish jumps the tank, and many new fish friends do not have this concept at all.The fish in the fish tank, even when I stepped on the fish under my feet, I didn’t know it, which was not fun.

Then I find that after they are lying on the ground, try not to get it with your hands. The new fish friends who have no experience may get worse and worse. We can find a wet towel to gently pick it up or put it in the fish net with your hands.Live, then throw it into a fish tank or isolation cylinder. If the body surface is too heavy, it still needs to be solved to prevent water mold.

For the ornamental fish that has jumped the tank, if it is just a variety of frighters of the body surface, as long as the water temperature and water quality are appropriate, there will be no big problems. Of courseIt’s too long to save it at all, except for the overly real tool fish such as Qing Daofu.

Generally, oxygen and anti -inflammatory drug conditioning can be gradually recovered. If it is severe and mildew, and the body surface wears more than half, it is basically no need for treatment.

At this time, there is no other trauma for the ornamental fish with a long drying time. Sometimes we need to be patient. Maybe they can survive.

Some ornamental fish may suffer from fins, broken tails, and uneven fish. Most of these situations can be restored, but it is difficult to return to the previous completeness and color of the previous.The fisherman’s requirements for watching fish are close to harsh, so you can only eliminate the fish, such as arowana or butterfly carp.

For severe stunning brain, such as ornamental fish is already bleeding. If this is not rescued, the probability of saving is not high, which means that trauma can be treated, and internal injuries can not be used to medical.

Here we reiterate it again. We raising all ornamental fish not only requires the water quality and water temperature to achieve stability. In fact, the most rare thing is the emotional stability of the ornamental fish. This depends on our personal cultivation.The domestication of watching fish can only be done to ensure that the emotional stability of the ornamental fish is to ensure that they can hardly jump the cylinder.

Then there is a problem with our own operation. Many new fish friends have no experience. We use fish nets to fish fish. We must cover the fish net with another hand. This is a habit of being a natural action.

No matter what ornamental fish is taken, it is good to develop this habit. Otherwise, it is easy to cause accidents in the process of fishing fish, especially the ornamental fish that prefers bouncing, and we need to be careful.

I am the old fish farming, so please pay attention to more ornamental fish, thank you!

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