People with insufficient qi and blood will have these 7 "abnormalities" in their bodies. Generally, Chinese medicine is rarely said at one time

Qi and blood are the topic that we often discuss. Insufficient qi and blood can affect all aspects of our body. What is the harm of insufficient qi and blood?What methods can we use to determine insufficient qi and blood?

The harm of lack of qi and blood to the human body:

1. Gynecological disease

Bad habits in life can induce gynecological diseases, but insufficient qi and blood can also lead to gynecological diseases.Women are based on blood. Menstruation, pregnancy, production, and feeding children are easy to consume blood and injuries, which will cause qi and blood disorders to cause gynecological diseases.

2. Premature aging

Insufficient qi and blood will accelerate aging, especially women.There will be phenomena such as waxy yellow, yellow hair, pale lips and cheeks on the body. At the same time, symptoms such as dizziness, physical fatigue, breath, and other symptoms. Insufficient qi and blood will also cause too much wrinkles, white hair, tooth loss, staggering steps, etc.Symptoms of premature aging.

3. Decoration of kidney function

The lack of qi and blood refers to the qi deficiency and blood deficiency in Chinese medicine.The kidney function of people with qi deficiency will decrease, and disease resistance will decrease. People with qi deficiency often experience symptoms such as cold, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus, low emotional, physical weakness, delayed development, palpitations and panic;There will be symptoms such as poor complexion, dry skin, yellow hair, dry nails, poor vision, numbness of hands and feet, insomnia and dreams, poor memory, mental depression and other symptoms.

How to judge lack of qi and blood?

1. Skin: If a person’s skin is red, shiny and elastic, there is no wrinkles, and no pigmentation. This is the manifestation of sufficient qi and blood.If the skin is rough, the face is dim, and the spots are long, it means that the body is not good and the blood is insufficient.

2. Hair: If a person’s hair is black, dense, and soft, it is sufficient qi and blood. On the contrary, the phenomenon of phenomena such as yellowing, hairstyle, white hair, and bifurcation are insufficient.

3. Eyes: If the eyes are turbid, yellow, bloodshot, big bags under the eyes, dry eyes, heavy eyelids, etc., that is, insufficient qi and blood.

4. Hand: If the temperature of the hand in the four seasons is warm all year round, it means that the qi and blood are sufficient. If the palms are hot, sweat, cold, etc.

5. Ear: If the ears are pink, shiny, no spots, no wrinkles, and full, that is, sufficient qi and blood, otherwise the ears are dim, lack of luster, and wrinkles are insufficient qi and blood.

6. Gum: Gingival atrophy, bigger teeth, etc. are all manifestations of lack of qi and blood.

7. Sleep: If a person sleeps well, sleeps fast, sleeps deep, and breathe uniformly, it can be dawn when you feel it, which means that qi and blood can be sufficient.People who have difficulty falling asleep, easy to dream, have many night urine, heavy breathing or snoring may be insufficient blood.

Of course, the above judgment is just a reference. The specific details are still a professional doctor.

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