Pet estimates, you can deal with the dog and baby at home, you can deal with it correctly

Like humans, dogs in love are important stages of dogs in their lives. During this time, the care of it is related to its future and future health.


Let’s share with you the relevant knowledge of pet estrus. When you encounter the estrus of the dog and baby at home, you can deal with it correctly!

First, how to judge the estrus of the dog

The female dogs with direct physiological reactions to estrus, male dogs are mainly stimulated by the mother dog and passively estrus.

First let’s see how to identify the estrus of the female dog.

Knowledge points 1: In estimate identification refers to the use of various methods to identify the estrus of bitch.

Female manifests external characteristics and internal changes in the process of estrus.Therefore, when performing estrus identification, not only should we pay attention to the observation of external expressions, but also to grasp the essential changes. It is necessary to contact a comprehensive analysis of various factors in order to obtain accurate judgment.Common ways to identify estrus are: appearance observation method, tribe method.

1. External observation method

By observing the appearance characteristics, behavioral performance and vaginal excretion of the bitch, the female dog’s estrus period is judged.A few weeks before the estrus period, the bitch can show certain symptoms, such as changes in appetite and appearance, willing to approach the male dog, and naturally do not like to be with other dogs.A few days before the estrus, most of the female dogs became rich and indifferent. By accidental found that the female dogs had refused food, and even angered.Before the onset, the outer genitals were swollen, and the hematopoietic secretions from the vulva lasted for 2-4 days. When the excrement increased, the vulva and vestibularness became larger and swollen.The bitch is irritable and excited, drinks water, increases the amount of urine, and frequent urination. The purpose is to attract the male dogs, and at the same time to seduce the dog, but do not mate with it.

Before the estrus, most of the bitch will mate in 9-11 days to enter the estrus period.Later, a large amount of excretion was reduced, and the color changed from red to yellow or pale yellow.When the male dog touched his tail roots, the bitch tail tilted backwards, tilted straight towards one side, and accepted the male dog’s mating.Some bitches tend to choose male dogs.After the estrus, the vulva gradually recovered. Occasionally, a small amount of dark brown excretion was seen, and the bitch became quiet, docile and well -behaved.

2. Emotional Method

A method based on whether the female dog is willing to accept male dog mating to determine the estrus period.Generally speaking, the bitch in estrus, after seeing the male dog, will immediately show the behavior of willingness to accept mating, it will become frivolous, deliberately reveal the vulva, and there will be rhythmic contraction, standing without moving.

Knowledge points 2: Dog’s estrus cycle feature.

Under normal circumstances, the dog’s estrus period has a certain law, but due to individual differences, some dogs have estrus once a year, some dogs have estrus three times a year, and a few dogs have three estrus three times a year.Therefore, different dogs need to be treated differently.

First, the first love period

Dogs can reach the initial love period at the age of August to December, but because of the different varieties, some puppies are earlier than puppies with smaller puppies.

Second, estrus period

The bitch is a seasonal single estrus animal, usually once in the spring from March-May or autumn from September to November.Dogs with good breeding environment are not obvious in season.Some dogs can estrus 2-3 times a year.

The third is the cycle of estrus

The estrus cycle of the bitch is divided into 4 stages, namely before the estrus, estrus, estrus period, and late estrus.

1. E estrus: The blood mucus in the bitch’s vagina was excreted until it accepted the reptile mating.3-16 days before the onset and 9 days on average. During this period, the bitch showed excitement, vulva, and ovarian development.But do not accept the spouse, (inner desire, the body refuses)

2. E estration period: When the bitch accepts crawling, it is usually 4-12 days, and the estrus period of the bitch is 9-12 days.The first mating with male dogs is the sign of the beginning of estrus.(In the end, facing the important issue of dogs).When did the estrus start?The female dog’s genitals are the most swollen, the pussy is soft, the bleeding is reduced, and the blood color becomes darker. The white toilet paper is covered with secretions at the vagina, and it is prepared by tea -like pale yellow toilet paper.

3. In estrus: about 7 days after the estrus period, you can usually take a bath. This is that the reproductive organs will return to normal after the estrus is over.There is a long period of love between bitch, and the luteal function is maintained for about 75 days after ovulation.Therefore, the owner should be patient at this time and make good logistics preparations.

4. Late estrus: The reproductive organs of the bitch are static for 50-60 days.

In each estrus period and long -term gaunting environment, the female dog will cause the endometrium to over -hyperplasia and change of cysts, and it is also easy to cause infection. This phenomenon often occurs in the elderly dog.

Knowledge points 3: Take care of the dog’s emotional period

1. Bring a traction rope when you go out, otherwise the dog will be difficult to run away and chase.

2. Foods with good nutrition, good taste, and digestible food, appropriately increase coarse grains and vegetables to avoid constipation.

3. During the estrus, the female dog’s vulva will be discharged with blood and mucus. The dog owner needs to use warm water to help the dog clean the vulva every day.

4. During the estrus, dogs cannot be cold and frozen. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, and try not to take a bath.

5. It is best not to go to too many dogs, so as not to fight between the male dogs because of the beautiful baby in your house, and hurt your dog mistakenly.


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