Photos to understand the growth of the fetus in the uterus: it feels not easy, there is no less long

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Seeing a video about "the fetus grows in the uterus" on the Internet, the process is really shocking!

From the combination of sperm and eggs, the fertilized eggs are formed to differentiation into a small embryo, and then growing into a small fetus. After ten months of growth, it becomes a cute baby at birth, and life is really wonderful!

Netizens who have read it and said: It feels like we are not easy, and there are no less long.

Some netizens said: When they saw the heart beating, tears were full of tears, lamenting the difficulty and greatness of life.

How did the fetus grow? From a fertilized egg, it turned into a fetus a little bit, and gradually grew the facial features, limbs, internal organs … Let’s follow the picture of Beijing to understand "The fetus is in the video in the video."The growth process in the uterus".

On the first day of pregnancy, it was calculated from "the first day of the last menstruation", so it was about 2 weeks of pregnancy. The ovulation period was about 2 weeks of pregnancy., Began to multiply the cells, 1 change 2, 2 changes to 4, 4 changes to 8, 8 changes to 16 …

A week later, that is, 3 weeks of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs became "bubbles". At this time, HCG began to secrete HCG. At this time, the pregnant mother can find a blood test, and you can find pregnancy!

By 4 weeks of pregnancy, embryo bubbles become small embryos, and in the next period of time, the organs of the fetus will develop from this small embryo.

By the second month of pregnancy, that is, the next day of menstruation, most of the pregnant mothers also found pregnancy at this time.

The fetus for 5 weeks of pregnancy is only as large as a sesame, like a small bug, but the development speed is fast.

By 6 weeks of the fetus, the ears, nose, and mouth grew, and the brain began to develop, and lentils were already as large as lentils.

By 7 weeks, the fetal body was doubled, the tail was still there, and the limbs were differentiated, but the arms and hands were still a whole, and the size was as large as strawberries.

Pregnant mothers with regular menstruation, most of the fetal weeks can be seen, and most of them can see the fetal heart of the fetus.

In another week, that is, 8 weeks, it becomes the appearance of "small fetus".Pregnant mothers who did not see the fetal heart before, can also see the fetal heart around 8 weeks of pregnancy.

By 9-12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal’s small tail gradually disappeared. It looks like a cute little fetus. The skin is transparent and will gradually differentiate into fingers, toes and nails on it.

In 12 weeks, there will even be a finger activity. The mouth will suck and wait, and there will be slight fetal movements, but the pregnant mother can’t feel it at this stage.

To do the first formal check -up at 12 weeks of pregnancy, including NT examination, the pregnant mother who needs to be built, the doctor will arrange a lot of examination items, just listen to the doctor’s suggestion.

By 13-16 weeks of pregnancy, in the middle of pregnancy, in this month, the fetus grows from the size of the pea pods to the size of avocado.

The little hand grows fingerprints, the brain develops rapidly, and although the eyelids are closed, they can feel the light. The baby will often suck the finger. The physical activity is more flexible and the amplitude increases.It feels like a small fish spit bubble.

At 17-20 weeks of pregnancy, the most obvious change at this stage is that the pregnant mother can see the slightly bulging belly, and when you lie quietly, you can feel the fetal movement, which is getting more and more obvious.

In this month, the fetal bones gradually hardened, the baby will bend his arms and legs, and the sensation system will gradually develop. By 19 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can hear the sound. From this time, the pregnant mother can talk to the baby, talk more with the baby, talk more, talk more with the baby, talk more, talk more with the baby, talk more, talk more with the baby, talk more, talk more with your baby, talk more, talk more with your baby, talk more, talk more with your baby, talk more, talk more with your baby, talk more about your baby.Tell your baby stories more.

At this stage, the umbilical cord is also getting stronger and stronger, and at 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has swallowed and began to produce fetal dung. At this time, the fetus is as big as avocado.

By 21-24 weeks of pregnancy, with the growth, the fetal activity has gradually increased, and the pregnant mother can already feel the obvious fetal movement.

The facial organs of the baby’s baby gradually become obvious, such as lips and eyebrows become obvious, the hearing is becoming more and more sensitive, and the whole body looks more and more like a baby.

By 25-28 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother had finished the B-ultrasound. From the B-ultrasound, she met the baby for the first time. She really looked at the baby’s activity and was particularly excited.

In this month, the fetus will grow under the skin and grow hair, and the brain is already very active. When I fell asleep for a while, I wake up, and it will swallow amniotic fluid.Baby fetuses do prenatal education.

The prospective dad also has to participate. Studies have found that the fetus prefers a strong voice. The prospective dad also has to talk to the baby and tell him stories.

By 29-32 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’s head is getting bigger and bigger, and the baby’s baby can already turn his head. The fetal movement that the pregnant mother feels will be very strong. I often feel that the baby is punched and kicked.A small bag will be bulged on the stomach.

The vision of the fetus continues to develop, muscle and lungs continue to develop, subcutaneous fat is increasing, and hair grows.

7-9 months of pregnancy is the period of rapid growth of the fetus. Therefore, starting at 29 weeks of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus also began to increase rapidly.

By 33-36 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal fetal movement is still strong, and the pregnant mother often sees a arch on the stomach.

At this stage, the digestion of the fetus and the respiratory system are close to maturity. In addition to the soft head bones, the bones in other parts of the body have gradually hardened.Felty fat and fetal hair will begin to fall off.

By 37-40 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is ready to be born, and it may be born at any time. The pregnant mother must also prepare in all aspects to welcome the baby’s birth.

It looks like a newborn. In the final sprint stage, the baby’s lungs, brains, and body organs will be fully developed.

The baby will also obtain a large amount of antibodies from the placenta, stored in itself, and protect the body after birth.

When the baby is completely ready, when the physical condition of the pregnant mother is also ready, the fetus will start, and the pregnant mother will appear: one or more of these performances of the water break, redness, and pain (regular contraction).At this time, go to the hospital quickly to let the baby born smoothly.

The above is the breeding process of a small life. Is it amazing from fertilized eggs to newborns?

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