Physiological period?Breastfeeding?Women’s tooth extraction selection "good time" is particular

Tooth extraction seems to be a trivial matter to many women.In fact, if you do not pay attention, you will also be dangerous for your body.Therefore, the tooth extraction time should be paid attention to in daily health care.So when is the best time to extraction?How to judge the best time for women to extract teeth?Experts from Changsha Stomatology Hospital answered.

Avoid empty tooth extraction

Eating something properly before extraction can avoid syncope due to hypoglycemia when you extraction, and you cannot eat for 2 to 3 hours after the tooth extraction.

Avoid menstruation

During the menstrual period, women’s blood coagulation is reduced, such as dental implants or other surgery during menstruation.At the same time, women’s pain nerves are more sensitive during menstruation, and their body resistance is relatively declining. Therefore, tooth extraction during menstruation will feel more painful and prone to infection.Therefore, it is best not to treat dental disease during menstruation.

The best time for women to extract is about 10th day after menstruation. At this time, the wound healing is relatively fast, and bacterial infections are not prone to occur.

Be careful during breastfeeding

Tooth extraction is generally used. At this time, the ingredients of anesthesia will be absorbed by the child with breastfeeding lotion, which is not good for children’s nervous system growth.If you must pull out, it is best not to breastfeed within 72 hours after the tooth extraction. After 72 hours, the anesthetic is basically metabolized and breastfeed.

It is best not to extract teeth 3 months and 6 months before pregnancy

Pregnant women have complications of dental departments such as toothache and bleeding gums. If they treat dental disease before pregnancy, they will not suffer from dental disease during pregnancy.The first March of pregnancy and the aftermath of pregnancy cannot be extracted.During pregnancy, tooth extraction can easily cause abortion. Tooth extraction after pregnancy can easily cause premature birth.Pregnant women can treat dental disease within 4-6 months of pregnancy.At the same time, pregnant women should strictly prevent colds.Prevent a cold from developing tooth embryos or other diseases.

Experts from Changsha Stomatology Hospital reminded: Choosing the time is important.

1. Make full psychological preparation to understand whether your wisdom teeth should be removed and must be removed.

2. Arrange learning work or entertainment and leisure activities in advance. After all, tooth extraction is a small operation, so you still need to rest after surgery.

3. It is best to choose to get teeth in the morning.Because people have a better mental state and physical condition after one night of rest.

4, tooth extraction to eat, because women are prone to tension with hypoglycemia.Be sure to ensure good sleep the night before the tooth extraction, do not stay up late, or drink excessive alcohol, etc., relax, and ensure good sleep.

5. A greater age suggests that your family will accompany them. It is recommended not to drive by yourself, because there is the influence of anesthetic, and there will be a certain response after surgery, which will affect the control and response ability.

6. Wear comfortable and decent clothes, and it is recommended that clothing is dark and black. Tooth extraction will bleed, so the clothes will be contaminated by blood, and you may not be washed after wearing light -colored clothes.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei Correspondent Yu Tao

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

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