Polycysts, sex hormones exceeding the standard, 6 o’clock scientific pregnancy preparation to help good pregnancy

I have been preparing for pregnancy since the New Year. At the beginning of February March, because of the cold and cold because of the bath, the endometrium of the uterus could not grow. Then I went to the hospital to monitor the follicles in April, saying that I was a bit polymapore.It was a cyst. The doctor of my Dad Hospital told me that this almost did not affect pregnancy, regardless of it, it was normally ovulation in May, no, this time in June.Let me introduce the experience of preparing pregnancy.

1. Mental.I was a little anxious at the beginning, and then I wanted to open it. If you are so healthy, your child will definitely have it. It is just a matter of time. If the child has not come, then enjoy the two worlds.

2. Ovulation test strip.The ovulation test strip is very useful for me. Generally, the test strip started to deepen the day before. The next day, Qiangyang then ovulated, and the third day was obviously weakened.

3. Folkmine monitoring.You can do a month of follicle monitoring to find out your laws. My follicle monitoring results are completely consistent with the ovulation test strip. When the first day of the ovulation test strip is deepened, the follicles are generally 1.6.Tianqiangyang follicle ovulation 1.8 or 1.9, on the third day to monitor the follicles, there is no.There is also a problem. When I was monitoring in the first month of my follicles, the follicles grew big and round, 1.8*1.9 ovulation, and I was monitored 1.3*1.8 before ovulation this month.I hope that I hope that I checked the information. The follicles may be flattened in the ovaries. As long as the boundary is clear and the tension is good, there is no problem.

4, body temperature.I recorded the body temperature for three consecutive months. The body temperature was 36.3 before ovulation, and the ovulation day dropped to 36.1.In the past two days, the auntie was stable after ovulation this month.The month of the month is obviously three -phase temperature, and the body temperature is three gradient (attached temperature map).

5. Arrangement.After finding the rules, it is very simple. One day before ovulation, on the day of ovulation, the day after ovulation is arranged for three days.In fact, this month was only arranged on the first and third day. On the day of the middle, I missed it. I didn’t expect to return it.I have to go to work during the day, there is no passion in the morning, only at night.In fact, I think the day before ovulation is the most useful. After all, sperm removes so far in the fallopian tube, and egg cells are so easy to lose. It is more reliable to store sperm early.

6. Exercise.I always had a cold a few months ago. The doctor also said that I might be too much. Later, I got up at 5 am every morning, run for forty to fifty minutes, and walked from the beginning. After running one kilometer in one breath, I ran this.For two months, I never caught a cold, and my body was obviously strong.

Let me tell you the symptoms after ovulation. I think everyone’s symptoms are similar. Many of them are the same as before, so as a reference, just play symptoms or something.

1. Body temperature. After ovulation, the body temperature is significantly higher than that of the body temperature after ovulation.

2. Cold in bed.I measured two kinds of thermometers. The mercury thermometer was measured under the armpit, the electronic thermometer measured the mouth, and the five -point test was fixed every morning.The electronic oral thermometer significantly cools down on the ninth day, and mercury thermometers are not obvious.Attachment temperature map.

3. Bleeding in bed.No.

4. Tingle pain.No.

5. Auntie feel.This has.The small belly rose, super hard.

6, chest.On the tenth day of ovulation, the chest became larger, and the tenderness was the same as before the aunt came. The difference was that the aunt signed the chest pain for four or five days.I don’t think it is soft.

7, nipple pain.This is also the symptom of the tenth day after ovulation. Before I came to my aunt, I did not, the new symptoms added after pregnancy.

8. Pregnancy.I was disgusting in the two days when my aunt should have come. At that time, I did n’t know that I was pregnant, because I was too early, I was unlikely that I was sick.Obviously, I realized that it might be pregnant.

Finally, I wish you all a good pregnancy and believe that your baby will come.

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