Poor urination, dysuria, frequent urination?Don’t bear it anymore, doubt this disease

The health of the urology is related to everyone’s daily life. Poor urination, pain, and frequent urination are miserable. Some people are difficult to speak about these symptoms and feel that "tolerance" is just fine.The quality of life is greatly discounted, and the spirit and body are tortured.Especially for women, not only urethritis can cause poor urination, but also induces vaginal inflammation. In this regard, family doctors specially invite Dr. Pan Bin, deputy chief physician of urology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, to talk about the female urethritis.Related questions.

What are the symptoms of urethritis?Maybe many people feel that they are just uncomfortable urination, but in fact, if the following symptoms occur, they should pay attention.

1. Simple urethral inflammation

If it is said that simple women’s urethra inflammation is frequent urination, urgency, pain, urine discomfort, the feeling of hot urethra, burning sensation, and even some patients may have hematuria, called the naked eye hematuria.

2. vaginal inflammation

In the symptoms of vaginitis, women’s vaginitis manifests as leucorrhea problems. It may also be that leucorrhea odors and leucorrhea are relatively darker and yellow. It may be uncomfortable with itching of vaginal itching.

3. The merger of vaginal inflammation and urethral inflammation appears

For women, the opening of the urethra and vagina is very close. When urethritis appears, it is easy to merge vagin inflammation. Therefore, when urethritis is suffered from frequent urination, urgency, and symptoms of urinary tract stimulation, it may may be possible.There will be vaginal itching, sticky leucorrhea, leucorrhea odor and so on.And there may be symptoms of pain in the lower abdomen and bladder discomfort.

1. Urethritis can induce other inflammation

Compared with men, women’s urethra has short and rough characteristics. Although rarely causes urethral stenosis, it is easy to induce vaginitis. After urination, wipe with paper towels can also cause infection.Inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

2. Urethritis can cause abortion

Urelatitis can not only induce vaginal inflammation, etc., but also can easily cause women to infect mycoplasma and chlamydia, affect the implantation of fertilized eggs.Dr. Pan Bin admits that even if sperm and eggs have been bed and bed in the endometrium, but because of the infection of mycoplasma and chlamydia, they will still affect the endometrium epithelial cells around the bed., Will cause local micro -loop changes and cause abortion after pregnancy.

Therefore, if you find patients who are susceptible to abortion in pregnancy, you must treat it with caution to see if there are any infection of chlamydia and mycoplasma, and obey the doctor’s professional suggestions for treatment.

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