Precautions for the sex life after giving birth, the baby bag baby tells you to know these 7 o’clock

After the baby was born, the family was immersed in joy, and the life of the new parents also began to return to a state of "love to the time" in a timely manner.

At this time, the precautions of postpartum sex life need to be talked to the novice parents. For example, pay attention to the opportunity of the same room for postpartum.

1. Grasp the best time to recover sexual life

The same room after childbirth is different for couples who choose different childbirth methods.Generally speaking, the interval between the same room after delivery will be shorter than a cesarean section.

For mothers with normal delivery, it usually takes a month’s rest time, that is, 42 days of the puzzle period. In this time, the infarction is the restoration period of the endometrium.

After the puzzle period, if the maternal body has no abnormalities, it can theoretically be in the same room.

2. Be careful after the first postpartum

After giving birth, the new mother’s cervix and vaginal mouth secretion are relatively small. Therefore, when the postpartum is "first", the husband should have more romantic and gentle "pre -scenes". The movement must be gentle when the house is in the house, and don’t be impatient.

Due to the long abstinence of the husband and the fierce movement, the mother’s perineal tissue is damaged and bleeding, so the mother must remind her husband beforehand.

Suggestion: For some time after delivery, glands often lose normal function.When you feel dry, you can use a lubricant or lubricant.

3. Do not forget to contraception after childbirth sex life

When giving birth to the same room, the most important thing is the problem of contraception.

Some husbands and wives will have such a misunderstanding. Everyone may think that women have just given birth to children, and they cannot get pregnant again in such a short period of time.Then, if you are doing intercourse, you are very likely to get pregnant.

On the one hand, women’s pregnancy at this stage is a great harm to themselves, and it is also a less realistic approach. Therefore, contraceptive work must be sufficient.

4. Be sure to pay attention to hygiene issues in the same room

When maternals are in the same room with their husbands, they should pay attention to the problem of hygiene. Since their reproductive organs have just recovered, they are afraid of bacterial infections. Therefore, they must pay attention to hygiene problems when they are in the same room.You must do your own hygiene, so as to ensure the happiness of husband and wife.

5. Improve relaxation by exercise

After the postpartum rest and conditioning, many new mothers can return to the state of pre -pregnancy elasticity, but there are also a few mothers who will relax postpartum, which will lead to reduced sexuality and affect both parties’ interest in sexual life.

You can correct the relaxation by shrinking the anal movement: first inhale deeply and then close the air, and at the same time shrink the anus like tolerance, do 10-20 times in a row, and repeat it for a while; or do the interruption of urination., Let the urine interrupt, continue to urinate after a little stop, so repeatedly.After a period of exercise, the phenomenon of relaxation will be improved.

Suggestion: The severe relaxation can be difficult to work alone by training. It can go to plastic surgery for tightening, and most of them can restore elasticity.

6. Relaxing postpartum sex life

After giving birth, most of the energy at home is occupied by newborn babies, and new mothers are worried about the baby.

In fact, these can be adjusted by themselves. Even after delivery, the couple should have a completely relaxed opportunity and time to share an unconstrained sex life and promote physical and mental health.

7. The baby’s life is easy to lose "sex"

When the husband and wife are close, the baby may suddenly wake up, making both parties have no "sex"; some mothers always feel uncertain when they are sexual life and cannot concentrate.

In fact, husband and wife can be self -adjusting. For example, you can do a house in the baby for a long time, or take the baby to the elders or nanny for a long time.

The couple should give themselves a chance and time to relax their physical and mental, and sharing unrestrained sexual life, so as to help physical and mental health.

Suggestion: More babies’ lives will make the new mother very busy, which will affect their interest in sex. The husband should be physically and not forced; coupled with the great physical consumption of breastfeeding mothers, but also affected by hormones, the desire for sexual life, the desire for sexual lifeNot so strong, so you should pay attention to time, and you should not be too long at each house.

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