Pregnancy is not terrible. It is really embarrassing to have these four symptoms!Blushing in retrospect now

Text | Fumima Ma Ma

I remember that her girlfriend was pregnant with her daughter, and her pregnancy reaction was so fierce that she would vomit when she was severely drinking boiled water!In the end, there is really no way. You can only go to the hospital to rely on the infusion to supplement vitamins and glucose.After returning home for two months, the pregnancy reaction was slightly better.

Regarding the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, the most thing you say is pregnancy vomiting!I want to vomit everywhere, regardless of time, regardless of location!

Last time I saw a netizen saying that my husband took himself to eat candlelight dinner, and the environment was quite romantic. As a result, he rushed into the bathroom as soon as he ate a small mouth.After finishing the hand -to -hand room, I just returned to the seat. When I saw my husband’s face, I wanted to vomit again. At that time, I wanted to die!

If you think pregnancy is enough to be embarrassing, after reading the following four symptoms, you know what is embarrassing!Just think about it when you think about it!

During pregnancy, the hormones in the body often change, resulting in frequent acne on the face.The acne full of acne will cause the pregnant woman to be frustrated, unwilling to look in the mirror, and unwilling to go out.If you want to become slippery on your face, the pregnant mother cannot use the medicine randomly. You must consult a professional doctor to help solve it.

During pregnancy, urine leakage is an embarrassing problem that many pregnant mothers will face.The pregnant mother said that since she conceived her child, her life has been restrained!Don’t dare to sneeze, dare to laugh loudly, and dare not cough, otherwise you will be careless, your pants may suffer!

Regarding the leakage of urine during pregnancy, on the one hand, it is caused by the weakness of the pelvic floor of the pregnant mother, and on the other hand, it is caused by the growth of the fetus.Pregnant mothers can usually do more pelvic foundation gymnastics to avoid this embarrassment!

I love fart during pregnancy, and the embarrassment of pregnant mothers may have experienced the most times.At home, her husband was abandoned, and others were white -eyed, especially in a place where there were many people.

Pregnant mothers can improve this embarrassing symptom through appropriate exercise and diet.Eat more foods that are easy to digest, reduce the intake of carbonated drinks, and avoid gastrointestinal problems.

Change hormone changes during pregnancy will not only cause acne on the face, but also bring crazy hair.

I remember that when I was pregnant, the longer the body hair, the more lush, and my husband laughed at me and caught up with his leg hair!From then on, one more nickname is: Leg Mao Princess!

Summary: The four embarrassing things mentioned above are often encountered by pregnant mothers. You don’t have to worry about it.Don’t feel embarrassed, dare not go out to see people.As long as the child can be born healthy, you don’t need to care about these!

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