Pregnancy makes the figure shape, professional yoga training is restored to health, and each one is broken in 4 aspects

The gathered place of the beautiful flesh, come and play together

More than 80 percent of women after production will have a physical trouble. This is normal. Each mother is eating more nutrients to ensure the needs of the baby., So recovering postpartum is the dream of every mother, let me help everyone.

Tip1: Eat less greasy food and reduce the burden on the organs

Tip2: Past sleep time, restore energy

TIP3: Strengthen yoga movement and effectively restore body figure

Tip4: Relax, stable postpartum mood

Tip1: Eat less greasy food and reduce the burden on the organs

The mother who has just given birth to a baby has not been recovered in the body, and should be eaten as little food as much as possible. Otherwise, it will not only have no help to physical health, but also increase the burden on the organs.

Stand the calf muscles with a single leg, lift the heel, bend and raise the other leg forward, the thighs are harder to the air, keep parallel to the ground, and the two arms are expanded back and forth.

The two arms are straightened and supported, the palms and shoulders are kept as width. The muscles of the abdomen and the back are at the same time to support the stable and balanced body. The two legs are separated in the air to achieve the limits of the body.

One leg straightened, the body bent forward as much as possible on the thigh, the two arms stretched out and grabbed the ankle bone, the other leg was forceful to the air, the two legs stretched straight, and the back of the foot was tightly stretched.

Tip2: Past sleep time, restore energy

Moms remember to ensure that the quality of sleep is very important. Try to control the sleep time for more than seven hours. During this time, it can effectively restore energy and quickly recover to the previous state.

The arms are bent in parallel to support the ground, and the hips are supported by the backwards. The two legs are separated from the front and back of the air. Pay attention to the tightness of the instep tight, stretch the ligament in the inside of the thigh, and keep it in a straight line.

Straighten your arms and legs at the same time, then leave the ground with your legs, stretch your legs forward and bend forward, your feet are close to the head, and your neck is bent back to the top of the head.

Sit on the ground, separate the two legs to the sides, stick to the ground as much as possible, and then lean forward, the arm supports the position of the two arms, and supports the entire body to leave the ground with the power of the arm.

TIP3: Strengthen yoga practice and effectively restore body figure

After you exercise yoga frequently, you will find that your body is gradually healthy. The weakness brought by the baby has been replaced. The bloated body before is slowly improved and achieved the perfect shape.

Sitting on the ground with your legs to the horizontal side, at the same time, the body is under the bottom, the arms are bent and supported on the ground. Try to open your two legs as much as possible to adjust your breathing state.

The unilateral arm and legs are straightened and supported on the ground. The weight of the entire body is pressed on it. Pay attention to the vertical of the arm and the ground.

Separate our two legs back and forth, relax the upper body, and then sit hard on the hips down. The two feet are empty on the other position on the railing on the side. The two arms grab the rods in the air and look at the direction of the arm.

Tip4: Relax, stable postpartum mood

Many mothers cannot face their bloated body after production, which causes depression and the like. At this time, it can help us distract our attention through yoga, relax the mood while stabilizing postpartum emotions.

The two legs are separated from a certain distance, and the body is slowly bent backwards. At the same time, the arm supports, slowly lift one of the legs to stretch the air vigorously, and then slowly lift the heel, and look at the direction of the arm tightly.

The elbow and the toes are supported on the ground at the same time, the distance between the adjustment is adjusted, slowly lifted one of the legs, and the neck is bent backwards, and the soles can exceed the top position of the head.

The whole body relies on the arm support on one side, adjusts the breathing frequency, and then stretchs one arm into the air, and the hip is clamped to the other leg to support it in the front position of the body.

One month after giving birth is a very important stage, and it is also an important stage to remove body fat. If you are not responsible for yourself, it is very difficult to change your body in the future.

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