Pregnancy to doubt life, early pregnancy reaction is too strong. See if the following methods can help you help you

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Pregnancy is really sweet and guilty, especially some Baoma’s pregnancy response is serious for various reasons. It is really sorrowful all the time. It is not easy for mothers!

Oda just had good news recently, and it has been 5 weeks now.Because of the first time I was pregnant, Oda was surprised and nervous, but soon she felt "pain".

After learning that he was pregnant, Oda’s early pregnancy response became particularly strong, especially the pregnancy vomiting was very serious. It was simply to eat and vomit. The favorite food in the past can’t even see it, and you can’t smell it.

Today, there is a trash can around Oda, which is convenient for her to use.Because of the severe pregnancy, Oda’s mental state is also particularly bad, appetite decreases, decreases weight, and sometimes even headache.

In fact, many pregnant mothers have similar situations to Oda, and their pregnancy vomiting is particularly serious.

Netizen 1: I started at about 6 weeks of pregnancy. At that time, as long as I saw some food, I would be inexplicable. I would vomit when I smell it from a distance. Later, my family said that I would eat less meals.It didn’t take long to start vomiting again.

Netizen 2: I have been vomiting for 12 weeks. I still vomit. There is one of me with a trash can every day. I really do n’t know what it will end.

Netizen 3: I was like this at that time, but it was much better after three months. I really didn’t want to experience it again.

The cause of pregnancy vomiting is mainly due to the rise in estrogen in our body, which leads to the disorders of normal digestive dysfunction in our gastrointestinal and intestines.

In fact, more than half of women will occur in the early pregnancy. Most of them appear 5-6 weeks of pregnancy. After 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, they reach the peak, and they will start to improve until 12 weeks of pregnancy.

So what can we do if Baoma is pregnant?

1. The fetus growth is relatively slow in the first three months of pregnancy, and there is no need to consume too much nutrition. At this time, Baoma does not need to force herself to eat too much. We should choose what we like and acceptable food.

2. Eat and eat more. If the pregnant mother can’t eat things, we can give up three meals a day, choose more meals and eat more, and eat less each time. If you feel that you have appetite, you can choose some nutritious foods.

3. Choosing biscuits, steamed buns, bread and other dried foods can also reduce the pregnancy reaction.

4. Drink plenty of water and eat more alkaline vegetables and fruits, which can not only alleviate pregnancy, but also prevent acidosis.

5. Change the dining environment as much as possible, which can help pregnant mothers inspire appetite.

6. Carry some sour candy with you, especially after getting up in the morning to eat one piece, so as to avoid dizziness and nausea caused by low blood sugar.

7. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to their own bowel movements. If constipation occurs, it will increase the early pregnancy reaction.

8. Avoid the stimulation of odor, ventilate at home, reduce oil fume, etc. at home.

9. After pregnancy, the pregnant mother must immediately clean up the vomit, avoid being stimulated, and rinse the mouth with warm water to keep the mouth clean.

In addition to the details of daily life, we need to be psychologically concerned. Some pregnant mothers have a serious pregnancy response. In fact, it is because of too psychological pressure, especially for the first time to be a mother.Heavy.

So we must know how to release our own pressure and don’t put too much pressure on ourselves.

Pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. As long as it is not particularly serious, Baoma does not have to worry about it affects fetal health.

In addition, we can communicate with experienced predecessors. If we are not assured, we can also go to the hospital to consult the doctor and adjust our body according to the doctor’s suggestion.

Is your pregnancy response serious?

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