Pregnancy vomiting is not a disease, it is really terrible to vomit!

Pregnancy vomiting is not a disease, and it is really terrible to spit. Most pregnant women have experienced pregnancy. Generally, they will be relieved when 3 to 4 months of pregnancy.However, there are still a few pregnant women who have been vomiting from pregnancy to the delivery room. It is really miserable.Below, Dr. Liu Chang, the second department of Shunyi Maternal and Children’s Hospital, introduced some small methods to how to cope with pregnancy vomiting to pregnant mothers. I believe that it can help many pregnant mothers.【Maternal and Child Health Popularization】

What is pregnancy drama vomiting?Pregnancy vomiting is a serious and continuous nausea and vomiting in the early stages of pregnant mothers. At the same time, it is accompanied by symptoms of dizziness and fatigue. So much so that they need to be hospitalized.

What causes pregnancy spitting?

1. Endocrine factors: ① The level of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) levels increases; ② Hyporeal function changes: 60-70 % of patients can be accompanied by short-term hyperthyroidism, and the severity of vomiting is significantly related to free thyroid hormone.

2. Pregnant women with poor mental stress, anxiety, anxiety, anxiety and living environment and poor economic conditions are prone to pregnancy drama vomiting.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy drama?

1. Almost all pregnancy drama vomiting occurs before 9 weeks of pregnancy. Typical manifestations are nausea and vomiting in about 6 weeks, and gradually increased with the progress of pregnancy.Electrolytic disorders and even ingotic acid poisoning, extremely severe cases of drowsiness, blurred consciousness, delirium, and even coma, death.

2. The weight of pregnant mothers may be reduced by about 5%compared to before. At the same time, symptoms such as obvious weight loss, extreme fatigue, dry lips, dry skin, eye depression and urine output are reduced.In severe cases, Wernicke encephalopathy can be triggered by the lack of vitamin B1 (the main features are: ① eye muscle palsy; ② forgotten mental symptoms; ③ trunk disorders. The clinical manifestation is: eye tremor, visual disorder, gait and standing posture, which are affected.Individuals can occur or coma), and we must pay attention to it!

What tests do I need to do for pregnancy drama vomiting?

1. Urine routine: Understand the ketone body in the urine.

2. Blood examination: Measure the serious conditions of evaluation of blood routine, liver and kidney skills, electrolytes, etc.

3. Ultrasonic examination: exclude multi -pregnancy pregnancy, nourishing cell diseases, etc.

How to deal with pregnancy drama vomiting?

1. Pregnant women with persistent vomiting and ketone need to be hospitalized, including venous tonic, supplementing a variety of vitamins, especially B vitamins, correcting dehydration and electrolyte disorders, and rational use of spit drugs to prevent Wernicke encephalopathy.

2. Pregnancy drama is mainly related to the emotion, mental state, and living environment of pregnant mothers.Therefore, pregnant mothers should relax as much as possible, adjust their mentality, ensure adequate rest, and reduce the unpleasant things or taste that causes themselves to be unhappy within the sight.You can choose to be decentralized: such as listening to your favorite music, thinking about some beautiful things, and watching cute baby and children’s pictures.

3. Eat less meals.Eating light, digestible and nutritious foods, a small amount of meals.You can also choose foods you like to eat according to your personal preferences, and try to avoid eating foods that are too sweet, greasy or fried, stimulating odor.4. The family members of pregnant mothers should give more attention at this time. They must be physically and help pregnant mothers to relieve unnecessary concerns and concerns. Only when pregnant mothers maintain a pleasant mood can this symptom be effectively improved.5. Pregnant mothers can usually alleviate this symptom by pressing acupoints, such as pressing the acupoints of the inner pass, Zusanli, and Taichong for self -care.Most patients with pregnancy vomiting will be improved quickly after positive and standardized treatment, and they will naturally retreat naturally as the pregnancy progresses, and the prognosis is good.

Text / Liu Chang

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