Pregnancy will definitely affect work

I want to give a few words to the girls today, absolutely dry goods!

Especially in the last one, I said that I was risky and said, so I must finish it.

1. Never feel that you can’t match your object.

If he can’t match, he won’t find you!IntersectionIntersection

Each time the object PUA me, I refute him without thinking in a second:

What kind of virtue do you know?Why did you be with me?

Don’t always make a cow because of inferiority.

You are valuable, he must be in your part with you.

2. The same is true in work. Don’t feel worth your job.

The boss uses you, either you are easy to use, or you are cheap.

In your own post, you are straightforward.

Do what you should do, don’t be angry.

3. Don’t always province.

When you encounter bad things, sometimes it is really not your problem.

If someone abducts you with the victim, let him roll.

Flies do not bite seamless eggs are a fallacy, flies fall even on wooden tables!

A slap can not make a liking, I slap you with a slap, you can listen to it.

4. Those who call you three or four in love will not get better when they get married.

When you get married, you will call you three drinks, and there will be children who will not get better.

When having a child, you can call you three drinks, and the child will not suddenly become responsible when he grows up.

The deeper the person will only be you, because the person who pays a lot of money is you.

You need to know that there is a word in this world called sinking costs, and you must stop loss in time!

5. Those who are not in harmony with the magnetic field are far away.

Some people don’t like you, they can’t change it.

All your pleasures are wasted.

And if the boss doesn’t like you, it is really impossible to upgrade and salary.

Because most of us’s abilities have not been a lot of people to throw others.

The "excellent" gap between people is not so clear.

6. Don’t make choices for family members, objects, anyone.

Especially those important life choices.

Once the premise becomes "for others", it will ask others to pay more.

When others can’t satisfy your expectations, people will become grievances.

7. Do not have a child to have greater courage than having a child.

Many people may mistakenly think that choosing to have children is very happy. Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren.

But in fact, you will continue to receive your peer pressure with others.

Ferry alone needs to pay more than to follow the flow, and the price is greater.

8. Everything is more thoughtful, more with less, and the same is true of love.

What a smart girl studys what the boy cares? Stupid girls study whether boys love her.

If he loves you, he can find a way to control it. Don’t hold so many fantasies every day.

Do yourself and then understand his true thoughts.

After all, it is difficult for anyone to refuse a person who understands themselves.

9. Pregnancy will definitely affect work.

Unless you are a boss or a self -media person.

Girls must be confident, loving themselves is a prerequisite for everything!

The above are all the perceptions I have experienced, I hope to bring you inspiration.

Good night.

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