Pregnant?Faye Wong Suyan is now at the airport, and is accused of being in a loose.

Recently, Faye Wong appeared at the airport screen. Since Faye Wong left Nicholas Tse and flew to Europe to see her daughter Li Yan, many overseas netizens encountered Faye Wong in Europe. Faye Wong wore a thousand yuan windbreaker jacket.After returning to the country, Faye Wong also wore a trench coat of nearly 1,000 yuan. The clothes were casual and comfortable.

Faye Wong, who has always been known for his personality, has no makeup. He has a vegan when he gets off the plane. He looks a little embarrassed on his face, carrying a canvas bag, holding a mineral water bottle in his hand, and a mobile phone. The shoes on your feet are 100 yuan.Xinmoulun.

But this kind of dress obviously can’t enter the eyes of fans, and also pointed out that Faye Wong is like a nap, and there is no gas field.However, she didn’t mind herself. Faye Wong, who had a few hundred million yuan, could wear whatever she wanted, and the life she appeared in her was no longer desire for her.

Some netizens found that Faye Wong’s small abdomen was obvious. In the side lens, Faye Wong’s small belly looked like a ball. Some netizens suspected that her belly was pregnant.Before Faye Wong flew in Europe, he also took a picture of the bathroom in the bathroom at home with Nicholas Tse, and held hands with Nicholas Tse to show his love at the airport.

Neither of them care about marriage, and it can even be said that because of Nicholas Tse’s father Xie Xian’s wealthy family, Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong do not intend to receive a certificate. It is not impossible to have children unmarried.

Faye Wong is a free -sighted person. If there is a baby, no matter what the child is, she will try to leave the baby as much as possible.Behind Faye Wong, there was another assistant who helped push the suitcase to follow closely, helping Faye Wong’s heavy schoolbag to help her drag her suitcase. Although the suitcase is not large and there are wheels, Faye Wong himself did not take it.

If Faye Wong is really pregnant, the first three months is the most important. To avoid bumping to let the assistant help to get his luggage, it is also to protect his safety.Faye Wong is not a man of affection. Let others help get things, it must be inconvenient to get it himself.

Is Faye Wong really pregnant?During the love of Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse, it has been more than half a year until now. If Faye Wong wants children, it is just the time.

Faye Wong is wearing casual and loose clothes, and she can still see protruding and bloated. If the weather is warming today, Faye Wong has to wrap herself strictly in a jacket. Even high heels are not worn.The same is the same.

If you really conceive your baby, Xie Xian may not admit that Xie Xian’s favorite daughter -in -law is Cecilia Cheung, who has long driven Nicholas Tse out of the house for the younger generation, so that he alone to ask for life alone.

I did n’t like Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong. Now there are more than 100 million, and Xie Xian is not rare. I have already split the family property to two children. Even if Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong have the ability to have a baby, Xie Xian may not recognize that this child is them.Xie’s.

But after all, this is just a photo, and it cannot really prove anything. Only the pregnancy test can determine that the message is true or false. I believe that time will bring us the final answer.Of course, I also hope that Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse can be happy and happy.

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