Pregnant leg cramps, cheats

Bao moms are not as trivial with baby’s back painful leg cramps. As the uterus increases, the blood circulation of the lower limbs does not run smoothly, and the calf cramps occur from time to time.That taste made the pregnant mother’s nose and tears.What is going on with leg cramps for pregnant women? Let’s take a look together!

Reasons for the cramps of expectant mothers

1. Increased weight leads to increase the burden on the legs and cause the leg muscles to be fatigue.

2. The demand for fetal nutrition, especially the demand for calcium in the third trimester, requires a daily amount of 1200 mg.If the content of calcium and vitamin D in the diet is insufficient or lack of sunlight, the lack of calcium will be increased, which will increase the excitement of muscles and nerves.The level of blood calcium at night is lower than during the day, so the calf cramped often occurs at night.

Five magic tricks to prevent calf cramps

1. Ensure the intake of calcium and vitamin D in diet.Take more sun to promote the absorption and utilization of calcium.In addition, it is recommended to drink a few cups of fresh orange juice and supplement minerals every day.

2. Soak your feet with hot water for 10 minutes before going to bed. The water should be more. It is best to exceed the ankle and neck, which can play a role in relieving muscles and promoting blood and lifting spasm.

3. Eat some meat properly every day.Meat is rich in high -quality protein.

4. Take the left side position when sleeping, which can also improve blood circulation in the legs.

5. Keep your lower limbs warm when you sleep. Do not let your calves be cold.

Prospective dad cares about cheats

When the quasi -mother’s calf cramps are miserable, if there is a warm care of the prospective father, it is a good comfort, both body and psychology.

Method 1: Massage Taichong acupoint.

Acupoints: Taichong acupoint is located on the seam of the first toe and the second toe.

Massage method: The expectant mother straighted her legs and placed the heel on the quasi -dad’s thigh.The prospective dad pressed the point gently with his thumb.

Effectiveness: It has a relief effect on cramps.

Method 2: Massage Chengshan Point

Acupoints: Chengshan Point is located in the middle point of the middle and heels.

Massage method: Specific mothers stand with both hands, with a sharp foot, lift the heel, and a "human" shape appears in the middle of the calf belly.The prospective father can gently pat the muscles along the chanting acupoint to Chengshan acupoint.

Effectiveness: It can promote blood circulation of the calf and alleviate the swelling of lower limbs at the end of pregnancy, especially for calf cramps.

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