Pregnant mom is thirsty, which is caused by these factors. Come and learn

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Author 丨 Ruyi Parent

Many mothers say that they always have symptoms of thirst after pregnancy. They still feel thirsty after drinking water, and they have to drink water at night.But drinking more water and frequent urination, an average of half an hour, especially in the middle of the night.So, is pregnant women often thirsty?Why is this situation?

1. Increase water consumption

During the pregnancy, pregnant women will increase the number of urination.In the early stages of pregnancy, the body of this pregnant woman told pregnant women in this way that your body needs more liquid.In addition, eating foods containing salt will increase the requirements and content of pregnant women drinking water.

2. A reflection of blood capacity in the mediation body

Easy to thirst during pregnancy is a general response to the increased blood capacity of pregnant women.Additional blood will help pregnant women with oxygen and nutrition during pregnancy.Generally, the blood capacity of pregnant women during pregnancy will increase by 40%.Therefore, pregnant women will feel that she needs to drink more water to regulate extra blood.

3. Yin deficiency and fire

Many pregnant women have the condition of kidney yin deficiency after pregnancy or before, and the kidney yin deficiency is strong.Heartfire will cause the chest cavity to be hot, and the chest cavity is hot, which will cause local water to lose too fast.In this case, people feel thirsty.Kidney yin deficiency, insufficient collection power, and difficulty in absorbing after drinking water, but will soon become to discharge the body.Therefore, if pregnant women have thirsty, it is likely to be this reason.

3. hypotension

The decrease in blood pressure in pregnant women within 24 weeks of pregnancy can also cause thirsty symptoms.Because the heart should provide the power of the additional blood to the fetus to provide the power of operation of oxygen and nutrients, and water is essential in the blood. The body must consume enough water to ensure the content of water in the blood. Therefore, the body is thirsty with thirst.Remind pregnant mothers to increase water intake.

4. Diabetes

In addition, suffering from diabetes during pregnancy can also cause mothers to often have thirst and unbearable conditions. In fact, this has a lot to do with the patient’s blood sugar elevation.When the sugar in the body exceeds the standard, these sugar is like a small sponge of the body, which will quickly dry the moisture in the body. The higher the medicine as "high -penetration", the faster the blood sugar.Wealth is controlled by high blood sugar, and the degree of water dehydration can be imagined.

5. Environment -related

In addition, pregnant women’s thirst is also related to changes in humidity in the environment.In some dry areas or dry seasons, the amount of moisture evaporates through the skin, and the pregnant woman itself is more sensitive, so it is more likely to have dry -drying conditions. This reason is thirsty.Vegetables and fruits with a lot of moisture.

6. Drug response

After using some drugs, pregnant women are also prone to oral dryness. The reason is that the ingredients that cause the amount of saliva or saliva will change.If your gland cannot generate enough saliva, it will cause other annoying dry oral symptoms, and at the same time may be accompanied by symptoms such as bad breath and saliva thickness.

Therefore, after the symptoms of thirsty during pregnancy, you should observe closely. If you do n’t see it for a long time, pregnant women should go to the hospital in time with the accompanying family.

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