Pregnant mother, how to distinguish between men and women

The personal experience of the second child, [Heart] [Heart] [Heart] [Heart] The baby in the belly is a boy or a girl’s pregnant mother. The physical fitness is different, so the response after pregnancy will be different.[Cute] [Cute] [Cute] Today I want to share with you the symptoms of my two babies (Dabao 14 -year boy 8 pounds 3; Xiaobao 23 years of girl 8 pounds 5 [Shy] [shy] [shy] [shy] [shy])The weight of the baby’s birth is related to the placenta. The placenta is made by the gene of the father, so I always feel that the baby’s weight is inherited Dad’s [cute] because of the weight of Dad’s birth. I heard about 10 pounds.] [Cover your face].

My reaction of two babies is really the opposite:

First ☝️: The reaction of the first month is the same as the drowsiness. I usually do n’t sleep in the early morning. I ’m so sleepy every 21-22 o’clock. It can be said that I’ m in seconds.Understand this feeling), I will definitely sleep every afternoon.

Second [Lingguang Flash]: The next step is the difficult pregnancy vomiting!When Huai Nanbao started to get pregnant at the 13th week, only when I got up early and meals, there would be reactions, but Huai Nuobao has vomited various vomiting since the ninth week, and will vomit in the morning.Twenty weeks are good.So when I was built on the 12th week, I was 5-7 pounds thinner than the previous month, because when I was not pregnant, I was 136 catties. Each person’s weight was different. The surrounding Baoma has thinner and vomiting is thinner than the previous month, and there is no need to worry about [cute].

Third [Cute]: I am the most obvious. When the male treasure goes to the physical examination, the fetal heart is generally 140 to 142. By the third trimester, the fetal heart monitoring doctor must shake it, saying that the baby is lazy, and the baby moves.If you don’t move much in the stomach, you move at night, and the daytime moves very soft; when you are pregnant, you will move all kinds of movements.Every time the mind monitoring is [wit] [wit] [wit] [wit], it is also very happy to sleep at night, resulting in the poor sleep in the third trimester.

Therefore, he still gave birth to a needle until 41 weeks.

Fourth [Yeah]: Is the B -ultrasound bilateral renal pelvis passed on the Internet and whether there is a separation of men and women (the doctor has been popular because of the baby’s urination), but I really rely on this to guess [cute] [cute]The B -ultrasound below is Xiaobao’s (female) that is not separated by the bilateral renal pelvis. When Dabao was in Dabao, the bilateral pelvis was separated. When it was deliberately checked, the memory was particularly profound [Yeah].

Fifth [Thinking]: It is the skin that pregnant mothers pay most attention to!I am also relatively obvious. When Huai Dabao looked dark, the armpit of the neck became dark, because the stretch marks appeared in the eighth month [Tears] [流] [Tears].And after giving birth, the pregnancy stripes are obviously purple and purple, and it will be faded after a few months and then go to the beauty salon to repair before it becomes fading.When Xiaobao was 5 to 6 months of pregnancy, I went out to say that my skin was in good condition, and there was no change in the armpit and neck. I care about the stretch marks.The pattern was stretched, and I thought it must have it again, but found no in the confinement, not at all.

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