Pregnant mother remembers: Do these 6 things away from fetal malformations, "four -dimensional" is steady

As a prospective mother’s biggest wish is to give birth to a healthy and intelligent baby, which is more important for the baby than anything. After pregnancy, the expectant mothers should be careful when they are doing things.It is the child’s developmental deformity. If the fetus is malformed, it is a heavy blow to the child or for a family. Therefore, preventing malformations becomes urgent.

How to effectively prevent fetal deformity?

1. Comprehensive and balanced nutrition supplement

The role of each nutrition to the expectant mothers is different, and at the same time, it also plays a different role in the development of the fetus. The lack of a certain nutrients may cause the defect of the fetus in a certain organs of the fetus.The first step is to fully balance the nutrition.

2. Refusing to make heavy makeup during pregnancy

After pregnancy, the body changes, so expectant mothers will make up to cover the ugly part, but you can know that most cosmetics contain toxic substances such as arsenic, lead, and mercury. These substances enter the body through the skin., And also passed to the fetus through the blood, causing fetal malformation.

Third, stay away from tobacco and alcohol and pets

If pregnant women often drink alcohol, it is easy to give birth to children with small heads, ears, and noses, because alcohol causes fetal malformations; cigarettes contain a variety of substances such as nicotine that cause fetal malformations.The reason why expectant mothers are staying away from pets is that pets carry a large number of germs and parasites, and enter the baby’s body through the mother’s body.

Fourth, stay away from radiation safety medication

Prevention of fetal malformation requires that expectant mothers stay away from radiation items, such as copy machines, computers, induction cookers, etc. These items will produce invisible electromagnetic waves, endanger the health of pregnant women, and cause fetal malformations.

In addition to staying away from radiation items, expectant mothers also have taboos. For example, sedative drugs have the effect of fetal lip cracks and cleft palate; antihypertensive drugs cause miscarriage, dead tires, and fetal multiple deformities such as congenital heart disease, rabbit lips, cleft palate, and bone deformity.

5. Adjust bad emotions in time

Moms must remember that bad emotions are also a major hidden danger that causes fetal malformations.Under bad emotions such as tension and depression for a long time, adrenal corticosteroids will cause hindrance to the growth and development of the embryo. This will easily produce children with deformed situations such as lip cracks and cleft palate.

6. Prevent fever from staying away from pollution

Prevention of fetal malformed Mom should pay attention to prevent fever and fever during pregnancy, because fever and fever will seriously damage the fetal brain nerve cells, reduce the number of brain nerve cells, and even cause brain nerve cells.child.

Specific mothers also need to stay away from pollution. For example, factories that produce harmful substances, places where noise generates noise, etc., because the bad environment will subtly hinder the normal development of the fetus, resulting in deformity.

What can pregnant women eat to prevent fetal malformations?

So in terms of diet safety, we will focus on how to supplement nutrition and help pregnant women to better supplement nutrition.For example, when choosing how to supplement nutrition, pay attention to the classification of nutrition.Let’s take a look at the relevant nutrition of pregnant women to prevent fetal deformity.It is hoped that expectant mothers can learn and supplement nutrition according to their actual situation.

1. What do pregnant women eat folic acid

Pregnant women need to supplement folic acid during pregnancy.The fetus absorbs nutrition from the mother’s placenta.This is because the mother wants to give the fetus’s nutrients through the placenta.The placenta needs folic acid, and the fetus also needs to provide folic acid.This dual -nature needs makes women urgently need folic acid supplement.If the fetal folic acid intake is insufficient, it will cause fetal nerve deformity, which directly affects the intellectual development of the fetus.In addition, when choosing folic acid, folic acid can improve the fetal immunity.If you want to prevent malformations, you need to make expectant mothers supplement folic acid during pregnancy.

2. What to prevent deformed zinc supplement for pregnant women

Zinc is a necessary trace element for the human body. It is involved in the normal operation of various functions of the body. Zinc deficiency will reduce appetite and immunity. Pregnant women can choose zinc supplement in early pregnancy.Developing deformity and promoting the development of the fetal brain. You can usually eat more oysters, squid, pumpkin, walnuts, etc. At the same time, you can eat it with new diluted treasures. Zinc supplementation effect is better.

3. What does pregnant women eat to prevent deformed calcium supplementation?

Human bone development and teeth development require calcium supplement.If calcium in life is insufficient, it is easy to cause osteoporosis and other problems.When choosing calcium supplementation, you need to choose some calcium supplement products when giving birth to a baby.Otherwise, the calcium supplement of the fetus will not be sufficient, which will cause the bone development of the fetus.We can avoid such a tragedy. We need to start with calcium supplement, eat more bone soup, both delicious and calcium supplement, very good choice.

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