Pregnant mothers have these four performances during pregnancy, which may be the signal of the fetus "thirsty".

After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother carries two lives, the speed of metabolism will be accelerated, and the amount of moisture that needs to be intake will be increased.Especially nowadays, the weather is hot, and the human body sweats a lot. It is very important to replenish the body in time to cause the body to be dehydrated. Therefore, it is very important to replenish water in time.Many pregnant mothers think that drinking water is to understand thirst, which causes pregnant mothers to drink water only when thirst, and do not drink water when they are not thirsty.In fact, this approach is completely wrong. When you feel thirsty, your body is severely lacking.The habit of pregnant mothers in normal drinking water can not only relieve thirst, but also supplement nutrients appropriately.The trace elements, minerals, and electrolytes in the water are beneficial to the growth and development of the fetus. Once the growth and development of the water deficiency fetus will be affected.

During pregnancy, the fetus will also be "thirsty" in the mother.If the pregnant mother has these four kinds of performance, it means that you and the fetus are short of water and are not good for yourself and the fetus. You must replenish water in time.

1. The number of pregnant mothers decreases, and the color is yellow

During pregnancy, as the fetus grows, the uterus will swell, so that the bladder of the pregnant mother will be squeezed, resulting in a reduction in capacity, and pregnant women will use frequent urination.But if the pregnant mother finds that the number of times when she goes to the toilet and the color of the urine becomes yellow, it means that your body is short of water. At this time, the fetus will be "thirsty"., So pregnant mothers must replenish water in time.

Second, constipation

During pregnancy, due to the changes in hormone secretion in the pregnant mother, the slow increase in the uterus, and the decrease in the amount of exercise of the pregnant mother can lead to constipation.However, if the constipation of the pregnant mother is aggravated, it has a lot to do with the insufficient water in your body.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their own diet, eat more crude fiber foods, and also pay attention to replenishing moisture and exercise appropriately, so as to promote the peristalsis of the stomach, reduce or prevent constipation.

Three, dry mouth

If a person is short of water, the most obvious signal is -dry mouth.Especially in the hot summer, pregnant mothers stay in the air -conditioned room and do not want to go out.In the environment of the air conditioner, the humidity in the air will be less than 30%, which is far from meeting the physiological needs of the human body.Therefore, in the hot summer day, whether you go out or stay in the air -conditioned room, pregnant mothers must replenish water in time, so as to ensure that the blood circulation in the body is smooth, better to transport the fetus oxygen and nutrients, discharge wasteThe number and quality of the fetus will grow and develop better.

Fourth, the skin is poor

For beautiful women, hydrating skin is common sense.The more moisture in the skin cells, the more flexible the skin will be.The water in the baby’s skin accounts for more than 80%, so the skin is the most watery. With the growth of the human body, the water in the body will decrease, and the skin will become less smooth and moist.If the body is short of water, the skin will become dry, spots, acne, and dullness.Therefore, in addition to changes in hormone secretion in the body during pregnancy, changes in the body of the body will cause the skin to change, and the lack of water will also cause the pregnant mother’s skin to deteriorate.At the same time, the lack of water in pregnant mothers can cause "toxins" in the body to be unable to discharge smoothly, which will not only cause their physical health, but also cause "fetal poison" in the fetus.Therefore, once the pregnant mother has a poor skin, it must be replenished in time to avoid water deficiency and the health of the fetus.

Do you have these four performances during your pregnancy?If so, it is likely to be a signal of the fetus "thirst". Be sure to replenish it in time!

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