Pregnant mothers must know: After pregnancy, you must do these things!

Pregnancy, a family, that is a big deal!This not only means the beginning of the 10 -month pregnancy, but also the inheritance of life.Therefore, when a woman knows that she is pregnant, she must know: from this moment, she no longer can only be responsible for herself, and at the same time, she must also be responsible for her child.She must immediately prepare psychological and physiological, and use the best efforts to welcome the arrival of new life.

For pregnant mothers, there are many things to do.In addition to everyone’s familiar: prepare for cradle, hoarding baby clothes, diaper, etc., you must do these things.

1. Find a doctor to diagnose

If you are just a positive reaction at home with a pregnancy test stick at home, and you have not been confirmed by a doctor, you need to find a doctor immediately to confirm it.Hear the doctor’s advice and advice to ensure that your baby is properly taken care of.

2. Began to take care of yourself more carefully

If you are pregnant in October, you must control your mouth.Quit smoking, drinking, and other harmful drugs.Drugs must also be used with caution. The abuse of drugs will lead to low weight, premature birth, psychological deformity, and other problems.

3. Tell your loved ones and friends to the news of pregnancy

Some doctors suggest that: the first three months of pregnancy are relatively unstable, and the news of pregnancy can be made public from 12 to 13 weeks after pregnancy, because at this time, the highest risk of abortion is over.However, it should be noted that some pregnant mothers will have pregnancy, and they will be disgusting in the initial 12 weeks.In this case, tell relatives and friends that they can take care of you better.

4. You need to start paying attention to a healthy diet

Your diet should meet the nutritional needs of you and your baby.Fresh fruits, whole valleys, lean protein are very important for you and your baby.If conditions permit, you can consult a nutritionist and let him help you develop a nutrition plan.

5. Persist in exercise

During pregnancy, in addition to holding your mouth, you have to open your legs.You can start to develop a mild exercise plan.This can be some simple exercises, such as walking or yoga.This can not only ensure your health, but also keep the fetus in the best state.

6. Pay more attention to rest

After the child is born, the upside -down life will make you sleep for a long time.Therefore, more rest and sufficient sleep during pregnancy are needed to prepare for the future.Pregnant women should try to ensure sleep time as much as possible in order to prepare for the upcoming challenge.

7. Proper supplement to nutrients

After pregnancy, doctors generally recommend taking folic acid.In addition, calcium tablets and vitamins are recommended according to the personal conditions of pregnant women.Pregnant women must not be good at claims at this time, and don’t eat if they don’t want to eat.For the health considerations of the baby, we must obey the doctor’s advice carefully.If the doctor makes you feel unwilling, you can find another hospital for re -consultation.However, the doctor must listen!

The above 7 things are that Xiaobian especially reminds pregnant mothers to do it.Every mother is not easy. For this October, there are all kinds of restrictions.But it was because of this that it was not easy that the moment we saw the baby were extremely happy and excited.Do you say, is it?

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