Pregnant mothers privately talk about vulvar itching during pregnancy

Many expectant mothers have the "unspeakable hidden" of vulva itching, and they must not listen to this "unspeakable hidden". It may cause such danger.Moreover, because the vulva itching can cause insomnia, which causes mental weakness and loss of appetite, which will reduce the body’s resistance, it will be unfavorable to pregnancy and smooth delivery.In order to be a baby in the belly, expectant mothers must pay attention to the vulvar itching during pregnancy.

What about vulvar itching during pregnancy

Some vulvar itching during pregnancy is caused by mental factors, some are caused by external stimuli, and more are caused by the increase in vaginal secretions and local humid stimulation.

1. Vulvar itching caused by mental factors

After pregnancy, due to some changes in life, such as reduced or interruption of sexual intercourse, fear of pregnancy, insomnia, etc. often cause itching of the vulva.

2. Itching of the vulva caused by external stimuli

Due to too much sweat, humidity, and impregnation, itching can be caused.The hard -dressed underwear or some expectant mothers are allergic to certain chemical fiber underwear.Use soap to clean the vulva cause itching.

3. Itching of vulva caused by vaginal inflammation

Vulvar itching is the main symptom of mold vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, and vulva eczema.

4. gestational diabetes

When suffering from diabetes, due to the irritation of the skin of the vulva, it is prone to poisonous vulvar and vaginitis, causing itching of the vulva.When jaundice with hepatobiliary and other diseases, due to the increased redness of the blood in the blood, the skin can also cause vulvar itching.

Symptom of vulvar itching during pregnancy

Vulvar itching during pregnancy is mostly manifested as persistent or paroxysmal itching. It often occurs in the vagina, outside labia, pussy, clitoris, labia minora, perineal itching and itching, and can spread to near the anus. It is limited itching.One of the symptoms.Often itching and unbearable, often at night.Long -term itching can cause collapse, swelling or secondary infection.Due to long -term scratching, local infiltration, thickness and pigmentation.

How to prevent vulvar itching during pregnancy

Specific mothers must develop good personal health habits in order to effectively prevent vulvar itching. Please do the following details in daily life:

1. Choose cotton pregnant women’s underwear. Do not wear tight or non -fit panties and change them frequently.

2. Keep the vulva clean and dry without scalding with hot water, and scrub without soap.Do not use women’s sanitary spray, fragrance or soap with deodorizing function.

3. After going to the toilet, wipe it back to back.No pads or toilet paper with fragrance.

4. Avoid scratching and local friction.

5. Avoid spicy food, do not eat seafood, etc. and easily cause allergies.

6. Check whether there are mold or trichomonas in a medical examination.

Tips for vulvar care during pregnancy

1. It is best to use a shower and rinse with warm water. If there is no shower condition, you can use a basin instead, but the special pot is dedicated.

2. Wash your hands first, then wash the vulva from the front to back, then wash the large, labia minora, and finally wash the anus and the anus.

3. Cleaning appliances are specially used. The underwear, towels, and pots that have been used are washed in boiling water.

4. The vaginal discharge often has vaginal discharge. The vaginal discharge is usually milky white, tasteless and irritating. It is one of the signals of the healthy reproductive system. It is by no means not clean.Specific mothers do not have to panic or clean.

5. Do not wash vagina, and wash the genitals with the sprayed water flow.Vaginal washing can cause imbalances in normal flora in the vagina, increasing the chance of vaginal infection.Moreover, doctors and midwives do not agree with the irrigation during pregnancy, because in a few cases, it will bring the air into your circular system through the vagina, which will cause serious complications.Don’t scrub the vagina, because doing so will damage the vaginal mucosa and destroy the natural protection barrier of the vagina.

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