Pregnant woman’s stomach hurts in March, her husband wants to send medical treatment, mother -in -law: Don’t send it first, the pregnant mother lost his breath

Ms. Wang and her husband have been married for two years. After the marriage, the two lived very sweetly, but the lack of beauty is that her husband is a mother treasure man.I went to the hospital for examination, but my mother -in -law said that in their days, there was no such thing as a check -up. The children born were healthy. Why do I have to waste money to go to the hospital for a birth checkup?

When Ms. Wang heard her mother -in -law say this, she was a bit unhappy. She felt that her mother -in -law was completely feudal thought, but she did not expect her husband to stop her from letting her go.Holding her husband, her husband coaxed her for a while, and Ms. Wang put down the incident of going to the production inspection.When she was more than three months pregnant, Ms. Wang suddenly felt stomachache, and her husband wanted to take her to the hospital to take a look.

However, I didn’t expect her mother -in -law to stop again at this time. My mother -in -law said, "The young people now are arrogant. A ordinary stomach hurts.If it is not good, go to the hospital. "At that time, Ms. Wang’s stomach hurt was in the night. Her husband comforted her and let her endure. If it doesn’t hurt, then you don’t have to go to the hospital.Go to the hospital again, so Ms. Wang has been endured until 5 o’clock in the morning.

At that time, Ms. Wang’s situation was very optimistic, her face was pale, and her body was sweating. Her husband also realized the seriousness of the situation when she saw this situation. She hurriedly sent Ms. Wang to the hospital. After the doctor was checked and found that Ms. WangThe stomach is full of blood, and the breath is very weak. The doctor rescued the rescue, but there was no restoration of Ms. Wang’s young life. The doctor said that Ms. Wang belonged to ectopic pregnancy and had a big bleeding.The opportunity came over, but it was too long to drag, and they were unable to return to the sky.

The doctor’s words made Ms. Wang’s husband sit on the ground and cried, crying while crying, blaming herself too confused, but now the tragedy has happened. Even if you regret it?

The editor reminds the majority of pregnant mothers that if there are some discomfort during pregnancy, they must go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid hurting the body of the pregnant mother.What do netizens think about this?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below

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