Pregnant women are in a bad mood and will affect the fetus. The 7 methods make the mood better

After pregnant mothers have a baby, their mood always changes.Sometimes I may worry that the baby is not developing well, and sometimes I worry about the economic problem after the baby is born …

Beware!If you are in a bad mood, you may affect the fetus

Affected baby emotions: The negative emotions of pregnant women will cause adverse effects on the hypothalamic brain. After the baby is born, the emotion is easy to be unstable and crying.

Affect development: If pregnant women always lose their temper or are depressed, they may lead to increased blood pressure, hinder the placental blood circulation, and cause the fetal baby’s hypoxia to affect development.

As a result, fetal malformations: Pregnant women are in a bad mood, which may cause the fetal brain to develop poorly, and even cause fetal malformations.Because the mood of pregnant women will cause changes in endocrine and blood components, it will affect the growth and development of the fetus, and it may also cause the baby to produce premature or death.

Reduce fetal movement: In the late pregnancy, if pregnant women often cry, the mental state is not good, such as fear, depression, or emotional fluctuations, poor blood circulation of the mother, and hypoxia, which will increase or decrease the number of fetal movements in the fetus.

Causes premature birth: If pregnant women are severely attacked by a serious spirit, they can also lead to uterine bleeding, premature birth, and premature placenta.

Discarding: Some experts analyze what the pregnant woman will encounter during the pregnancy of pregnant mothers.If pregnant women are irritable, emotional fluctuations, sadness, sensitive and suspicious, narrow -minded, and often crying. The baby’s baby’s weight is obviously lighter, and even during pregnancy and it is easy to abortion.

How to make pregnant mothers feel better?

1. Sleep a little, find a friend to take a walk or watch a movie together, don’t ask for yourself too harsh.

2. The best solution is to talk therapy -as the name suggests, that is, to tell friends and family members during pregnancy, or if you don’t mind, you can also say to your doctor.

3. If the emotional fluctuations during pregnancy have exceeded the normal normal condition, then it is best to look at professional therapists.Although it is normal to be in a bad mood in early pregnancy, about 10%of expectant mothers will encounter moderate depression during pregnancy.

4. If emotional fluctuations during pregnancy, you can try proper exercise.Exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also alleviate the phenomenon of bad mood in the early stages of pregnancy.

5. When you are in a bad mood, warn yourself, "Don’t be angry. Don’t be angry, you can’t solve the problem. The baby in the stomach is watching it, and he will be unhappy." So you can alleviate bad

6. Music has a good regulating effect on people’s mood.During the pregnancy, expectant mothers, because of the health of the healthy baby and the fear of giving birth to children, they will feel a lot of pressure, and their emotions will become very nervous.

At this time, you can listen to some soothing and beautiful music, which can not only alleviate tension, but also play a good role in the baby.

7. After pregnant mothers are pregnant, the prospective dads will feel more responsible and more affordable. At this time, he may be more focused on his career and neglect the pregnant mothers.

When pregnant mothers are in a bad mood, they can reasonably ask and tell dads what you really need to avoid excessive anxiety.

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