Pregnant women are not suitable for staying up late, which will affect the fetus

Some people in today’s society may often stay up late in order to work, but some people will play mobile phones and computers late at night. Once they develop their habits, he is very unfavorable to our bodies, and this habit is also very difficult to change., Especially the harm to some expectant mothers is very great. Today, let’s take a look at the harm of staying up late to expecting mothers.

The impact of staying up late on the fetus:

1. Hepatobiliary hematopoietic is from 11 to 3 o’clock in the evening. The pregnancy itself is a very excited and blood -consuming process. If pregnant women stay up late for a long time, especially during the hematopoietic period do not sleep, it is easy to cause blood loss. Pregnant women often stay up late.It will not be too good, and it also affects the development of the fetus. After the baby is born, it will grow slowly, and the weight is light;

2. Pregnant women often stay up late, which will affect the baby’s living habits in the future.If you sleep late or stay up late during pregnancy, the baby will not sleep well at night after birth, it is easy to make noise, and it is difficult for you to take it by yourself.

3. Pregnant women often stay up late to delay the due date and increase their physical and psychological burden.It also affects the child’s biological clock, which is not conducive to children to develop good sleep habits in the future.After the child is born, he has the characteristics of anxiety, love, and crying.

The impact of staying up late on pregnant women:

1. Staying up late for a long time will cause pregnant women’s mental fatigue, decrease in immunity, and easily cause diseases such as colds, gastrointestinal infections;

2. Stay up late will become ugly.From 11 pm to 3 am is the beauty time, that is, the meridians of the human body are running to bile and liver.If these two organs do not get sufficient rest, they will be manifested on the skin, and it is prone to roughness, yellowish face, black spots, acne and other problems.For those who are not used to going to bed early, they must also enter the sleeping period at the latest at 1 am.

3. Staying up late for a long time can also cause symptoms such as insomnia and forgetfulness, irritability and anxiety, and the emotions of pregnant women are more likely to excite.

So how to improve the sleep quality of expectant mothers?


1. Do not drink coffee, tea, fried foods, and difficult to digest food before going to bed.

2. When the frequent urination is severe, drink plenty of water in the morning, and drink less water in the afternoon and evening.

3. Eating an appropriate amount of snacks before going to bed can prevent headaches every day.

4. Milk add some honey to help sleep, but drink two hours in advance.

Preparation before going to bed:

1. Take a hot bath before going to bed and have a certain hypnotic effect.

2. Good sleeping environment, soft lights, suitable temperature.

3. It is not advisable to exercise within 3-4 hours before going to bed.

4. Listening to music, on the one hand, it helps prenatal education, and on the other hand, it can also make your mood calm and quiet.

In terms of sleeping position:

1. In the early pregnancy, there is no restriction, and pregnant women can be consciously comfortable.

2. In the second trimester, we should pay attention to protect the abdomen and avoid the direct role of external forces.If the pregnant woman feels heavy, she can take a left and right position, and slightly raises the lower limbs with soft pillows.

3. In the third trimester, sleeping position is important.The left side position should be adopted to correct the right rotation of the uterus, improve blood circulation, increase the blood supply to the fetus, and help the fetal growth and development.

I believe that every expectant mother wants to have a smart and healthy baby, but for our hope, some expectant mothers have changed these bad living habits.Has a good mood, healthy diet, proper exercise, and improve our sleep quality, and also helps our baby’s health.

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