Pregnant women come over!Is there risks of pregnancy hypertension?Hurry up and do these 4 things to prevent accidents

Pregnancy hypertension, like gestational diabetes, is a disease that women can get during pregnancy.Not only will it affect the health of pregnant women, but it will also affect the health of the fetus and growth and development.Pregnant women should go to the hospital for a regular checkup. It is best not to fall off at one time. Each delivery should measure blood pressure. If the blood pressure is high, take measures as soon as possible to make it not develop into pregnancy hypertension.

1. Communicate with a doctor in time

High blood pressure during pregnancy is not necessarily a hypertension for pregnancy, but this possibility cannot be ruled out.Some pregnant women measure blood pressure at home. When they see the doctor’s blood pressure, the blood pressure is high. This is a white coat reaction and needs to be observed.High blood pressure does not have to worry too much. High pressure is less than equal to 140, low pressure is less than 90, which is normal blood pressure.In this case, communicate with the doctor in a timely manner, ask the doctor how to deal with it, and together with the doctor to find the factors that cause increased blood pressure.

2. Measure blood pressure

If pregnant women are checked at high blood blood pressure during the birth check, when they return home, they must measure blood pressure twice a day in the morning and evening, and record it to see if they will continue to rise.If the blood pressure has been stable and the intervention adjustment in life. If the blood pressure has been rising, it is not a normal phenomenon. It may be that the hypertension of pregnancy is in the preparation.

3. Adjust the diet

Pregnancy is not to eat whatever you want. If you don’t pay attention to diet, you will not only become obese, but also increase the chance of pregnancy hypertension.If the blood pressure is high and the level of hypertension has not yet reached the level of hypertension, it is necessary to adjust in the diet.To reduce the intake of sodium ions, eat less salt, eat less chicken essence, and lighter when cooking, do not put too much seasoning.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not eat too much processing food, especially processing meat, and the salt content is higher.

4. Pay attention to exercise

Pregnant women should not stay at home all day, it is best to take a little time to exercise, which can not only improve immunity, but also prevent pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes.Pregnant women should control their weight growth, and the weight gain per week in the second trimester cannot exceed 0.5 kg.However, do not excessive exercise, or pay attention to rest, otherwise there is no way to control the blood pressure. Tirling is a factor that leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Pregnant women have a pregnancy hypertension. They should be treated in the correct way. They are mainly treated by controlling diet, strengthening rest, and combined with antihypertensive drugs.If it is only a slight hypertension, you can not take antihypertensive drugs for the time being, and simply rely on life adjustment to reduce blood pressure.

If the blood pressure is too high, take drugs. Magnesium sulfate is the preferred drug for pregnancy and hypertension. You can also take nifedidine, eutraramine, and so on.If the condition is more serious, symptoms such as severe edema, headache, abdominal pain, and blurred vision, you must go to the hospital to see a doctor quickly. It may be signs of eclampies. This is a very dangerous situation that may develop into eclampsia.

Pregnant women should pay attention to controlling their blood pressure and blood sugar during pregnancy. Whether it is pregnancy hypertension or gestational diabetes, it will cause great harm.Regardless of consciousness or other living habits, you must make corresponding adjustments, and you cannot do whatever you want because of pregnancy.

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