Pregnant women come over!You must know these makeup taboos during pregnancy

Our girls have no great hobbies in their daily life. It is nothing more than to buy some cosmetics, bags, clothes or something, make small makeup, and make a small meeting with girlfriends.But this little hobby has been deprived of during pregnancy. It was easy to be sensitive during pregnancy. In addition, he began to gain weight, and he couldn’t make up. Seeing a little girl, she had a beautiful girl who said it.There are laughter, especially easy to think about it, so now many Baoma also starts dressing during pregnancy. In fact, makeup really hurts the baby, but as long as you pay attention to these points.

1. Use less perfume

If Baoma wants to use perfume during pregnancy, be sure to look at the ingredients, because the most commonly used in perfume is musk. Everyone watched some of the palace fights with musk to cause the concubine to have a miscarriage, so pay attention when using perfumeEssence

2. Daily skin care is mainly moisturizing

Some pregnant women will have freckles during pregnancy. In order to remove some whitening products to remove freckles, do not do this, because a small amount of heavy metals are added to skin care products for whitening and freckle.It doesn’t matter if you take a small amount of heavy metal in adults, but the baby has not yet been formed, and heavy metals will cause damage to the baby. Therefore, in order to have a healthy baby, Baoma should pay attention to it.Daily skin care, moisturizing and moisturizing.

3. Pay attention to sun protection

If you can, it is recommended that Baoma try to use physical sunscreen as much as possible, such as supporting solar umbrellas, wearing sunglasses, etc., really need to use sunscreen, pay attention to the ingredients. Some ingredients are harmful to the baby.Let’s take a look, don’t take it lightly.

4. Pay attention to lipstick

Lipsticks must pay attention to the lipstick that can be used by pregnant women, because lipsticks are accidentally eaten. The color fuel in it contains a small amount of heavy metal, which hurts the baby.However, Baoma usually uses lipstick to maintain the lips, or use carotene that can be used by pregnant women to be healthy lipstick, that is, she can maintain lips and be used as lipstick.

The main ingredients of carotene health lipstick are carotene, horned sharkane, and vitamin E, which are harmless to the human body. Everyone knows that corner shark anxis can soften keratin, and vitamin E can nourish the lips and make the lips dry without drying the lips., Skin, these two ingredients will make the mouth soft and moist.Its color mainly comes from carotene, which changes the color according to the increase of body temperature. It belongs to a natural coloring agent. The color is much more natural than the ordinary lipstick. It looks like the lips are so rosy and shiny.

It is understood that Baoma wants to make up. After all, I need to conceive October. In such a long time, I will face the ugliest and ugliest appearance in the mirror.I hope that the mothers during pregnancy will pay more attention when they are usually put on makeup, and do not use the healthy and harmful things to the baby.

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