Pregnant women have these three uncomfortable symptoms, indicating that the fetus is very good, so you should be happy.

In October, pregnant mothers are inevitable for all kinds of discomfort during pregnancy. As long as the pregnant mother has a birth check on time, the baby will not suddenly occur suddenly.If these three uncomfortable symptoms appear on the expectant mothers, congratulations, the baby is telling you that it is normal and healthy.

Xiaoxia is a young pregnant mother. She started her pregnancy in the second month of pregnancy and vomited particularly. She really did not want to eat all day.There is no way Xiao Xia can only force herself to eat. Although the pregnancy vomiting is painful, she is more worried about the child’s malnutrition in the belly, fearing that the baby is not developing well, and will be hurt.

So, she went to the hospital to check the doctor: "Dr. Wang, I vomited so powerful, is there a problem with the baby?"

Dr. Wang: "Don’t worry too much. The baby is very good. Pregnancy is a normal phenomenon in the early stage, and you are in a good condition. There is no problem in checking. Don’t think too much. At this timeIt has caused your vomiting phenomenon, and some people are not affected by hormones at all, which is related to personal constitution.

You have to understand that a pregnancy reaction occurs when the hormone level is high. This is also a good manifestation of the fetal development. Now your fetus at this time will be relatively low in nutritional needs.Worried about the fetal development.

1) Early pregnancy vomiting

Many pregnant mothers will have nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy.Symptoms of nausea, especially in the morning, are more obvious. In fact, pregnancy vomiting is a pregnancy reaction, which is normal. Pregnant mothers must not worry too much.

Researchers at the University of California did research during the pregnancy stage and found that the reason why pregnant mothers had pregnancy vomiting mainly because the hormone level in the body changed and the body was difficult to adapt for a while, so it would lead to the emergence of pregnancy.

Studies have also shown that it is not a bad thing to vomit and nausea during pregnancy. The chance of premature mothers with obvious pregnancy during pregnancy is low, and it is also very good for the baby’s development, especially for pregnant mothers over 35 years old.Benefits.

2) The fetus often moves

When pregnant mothers are about four months, they can generally feel the fetal movement.At this time, the baby kicks his legs and reach out in the uterus, and he has a certain strength to touch the uterine wall. This kind of fetal movement will surprise the pregnant mothers.With the growth of pregnancy, the baby’s fetal movement will become more and more obvious. Sometimes the baby seems to be practicing fist and feet. The belly will be left on the left, and the right side will be pushed up. At this time, the pregnant mother can stroke her belly to respond to the baby.

The baby’s fetal movement is terrible, and many pregnant mothers are confused. Worried about whether the baby is uncomfortable or hypoxic, which has caused some people to be seriously affected by sleep quality and suffer from suffering.In fact, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. The strong and powerful fetal movement of the baby is a healthy manifestation. The more fetal movement may suggest that the baby’s personality is very lively and developed better. In fact, as long as the fetal movement is more regular, the baby’s hypoxia risk is very low.

3) frequent urination during pregnancy

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will find that the frequency of going to the toilet is getting higher and higher, and running the toilet all day long.The reason can be divided into two aspects: on the one hand, high hormone levels are likely to cause people to urinate.

On the other hand, as the fetal development is getting bigger and bigger, the larger uterus will be squeezed into organs such as the bladder, and the dysuria ability of the bladder will also decrease, which will cause frequent urination symptoms.If the situation is particularly serious, there may be a "embarrassment" phenomenon such as leakage of urine. In fact, frequent urination indicates that the growth and development of the fetus is very good, and pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much.

I believe many pregnant mothers have experienced it, especially Article 3. Many people say that it is torture. I woke up in the middle of the night, and then got up to the toilet in a cold day. After waking up, it was difficult to fall asleep.Difficult.

In the end, the little father wanted to say: From a certain perspective, the baby will be stronger than us. We must believe that we can bring the baby health and healthy.

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