Pregnant women should avoid the grave, and the short -distance travel should be physical and mental!

"For less than two months of pregnancy, there was a miscarriage after the ancestor worshiping the ancestors …

For more than 3 months of pregnancy, I was accidentally hit when Qingming’s grave sweeping, and lost the child …

I just found that pregnancy encountered Qingming tomb sweeping, and suffered severe wind and cold, the child did not keep … "

Such examples are regrettable, and it seems to be confirming that "pregnant women should not sacrifice their ancestors and sweep the grave".

There are still many versions about the saying that pregnant women cannot sweep the grave and worship their ancestors, such as:

"There are more yin and spiritual graveyard. Pregnant women go to the grave, and the children born are prone to see things that are not clean.

The negative magnetic field of the graveyard tends to be negative, which will cause the small life to lose yin and yang balance …

Pregnant women are too yin, go to the cemetery ominous … "

It sounds weird, can pregnant women sweep the grave?

In fact, pregnant women are indeed not suitable for grave and ancestors, but they are not as superstition as mentioned above. Qingming pregnant women should not sweep the grave and sacrifice ancestors scientific basis!

First of all, many people will use the holidays to sweep the grave during the holidays. If there are too many people, it is likely that pregnant women will be collided, and even accidentally fall and other conditions. It is not safe.

Secondly, when most of the tombs are sweeping, there must be incense, coins, and firecrackers, which will have air and noise pollution.Pregnant women with too much ash and so on will have a adverse effect on the body and fetus.

At the same time, if pregnant women go home to worship their ancestors, they are too tired to go back and forth, and most of them have to go to climb the mountain. The road conditions may be rugged and easy to fall.These will affect the health of themselves and the fetus, especially in the early pregnancy pregnant women, which will cause abortion in severe cases.

In addition, Qingming is in a warm spring. There are many flowers and mosquitoes in the wild. Pregnant women may be allergic to pollen or bite by mosquitoes.

In the end, the ancestors of the Qingming tomb scanning caused the emotional fluctuations of pregnant women, which affected the development of the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should be free for the Qingming Festival’s grave sweeping. It is really necessary to worship the pregnant mother who worships loved ones. It is best to choose to worship indoors.

Since it is not advisable to sweep the tomb and worship ancestors, then while the weather is heating, the Qingming small holiday, pregnant mothers can come to a short -distance trip to soothe body and mind, relax the body and mind ~

However, pregnant mothers should not be excited as soon as they want to travel.

You are a pregnant woman!There is a "ball" in my belly, like a timing bomb.Of course, prepare sufficient, formulate a reasonable travel plan before going out.The following guidelines must accept the pregnant mothers ~ The pregnant mothers who meet the following conditions, let’s control any guide. The honesty is serious:

1. There is a history of repeated miscarriage and a threatened or vaginal bleeding in this pregnancy.

2. Once prematurely or broken water; there were abnormal placenta abnormalities, such as non -front placenta and placenta stripping.

3. Pregnant women with delay in uterine growth and peptic pregnancy in the fetus.

4. There are diseases such as gestational poison, hypertension or diabetes, heart failure, or heart valve; or have vascular embolism.

5. Severe anemia and abnormal functions of chronic organs need to take medical treatment regularly or take medicine for a long time, such as asthma.

6. In the early stages of pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the symptoms of more obvious pregnancy are obvious.These things should be done before traveling:

1. Formulate a thorough travel plan with the person who travels with the travel with the person who travels with each other (lovers, family, friends, friends, etc.). Choose a city or region suitable for travel. It is necessary to consider the physical condition of pregnant women!

2. It is best to consult the obstetrician before traveling to do a check to determine whether it is suitable for travel.Please write down your special circumstances and carry it with you. Once you have any discomfort, please ask the local physician to check it immediately, which will help physicians take the right response measures immediately.

3. Prepare the required items for travel, including loose clothing, shoes and other supplies, with drugs, health care cards and medical insurance cards during pregnancy, in case.

4. Don’t forget to bring Runkang!Every day, morning, middle, and evening, pregnancy is better during pregnancy!

Choose a suitable transportation:

Pregnant mothers try to choose convenient transportation means, do not consider motorcycles, speedboats and the like!

If you travel by car, stop the car every 90 minutes, stand on the ground and gently stretch your calves and arms to relieve fatigue.

If the plane is plane, assuming that the seat around you is empty, you can flatten your legs on the seat with the consent of the waiter, and massage the ankle and calf muscles with your hands to relieve physical fatigue to promote blood circulation.

After all the above, adjust your mood, and prepare to congratulate and enjoy a journey of pregnancy full of love and warmth, and unique significance of pregnancy ~

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