Pregnant women suffer from toxoplasma through pets. What must she need to go through?

Toxoplasma disease is a infection caused by the parasitic of Toxoplasma. Ghizoma infections around the world are very common. About 16 to 40%of adults in the United States and Britain have been infected, and some investigations are 70%.Adults in Latin America have 50-80%of them, and French people are as high as 90%.From 1985 to 90, the surveys of 23 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in my country were below 10%, which is obviously lower than foreign countries.

Most normal people infected infection of Toxoplasma insects have no symptoms, or their symptoms are mild. I do n’t know when it was infected. Only a few people were infected (or primary infection) when they were infected (or primary infection).With abdominal pain, a few days or weeks later, as the human body develops immunity and the symptoms disappear, but the formation of the pockets in the body has several months, several years or more, and generally heal itself.However, patients with severe immune defects, such as AIDS people, are infected with infections.Pregnant women infection can be transmitted to the fetus and may have serious consequences.

If a person eats the meat of animals infected with a bowworm, if the temperature is not enough or too short when eating meat, cut the cooked food with the chopping board of raw meat, or eat uninterrupted dairy products, do not wash or raw vegetables,Fruit can cause infection.

The cat is the final host of the toxoplastycus. The toxoplasma is parasitic on the cat’s intestinal mucosa. The stool produced by a cat infected with the toxoplasma worm can be transmitted to people.However, after the eggs are excreted by cats, at least 24 hours can be contagious, so if you clean up the feces in time every day, you will reduce the chance of being infected.

It should be noted that after the cat was infected with a bowworm for the first time, it was excreted once in the feces.The path of a cat infected with a bowworm is usually the consumption of dead mice, mice, squirrels, or other infected small animals. Therefore, there are very few opportunities to live indoors and have never been in contact with mice.

Dogs are the middle host of Toxoplasma, and can also be infected with Toxoplasma, but its feces and excrement are not contagious, so it will not be infected with the dog infection with the dog.

If a pregnant woman wants to suffer from toxoplasma through her pet, what must be going through?

Some enthusiastic netizens made the following picture, let’s take a look with the pet sky:

Pregnant women must have the steps to suffer from toxoplasma through pets

Through this simple photo, I believe that everyone can also see that the probability of pregnant women infected with a bow -shaped worm infected by dogs and cats is really very low.If you want to know the situation of your own pet, whether you have been infected with a bow, or worry that pets will suffer from toxoplasma, you can check in the hospital.

Editor’s words:

The pet sky is written in this article, hoping that some expectant mothers should not abandon their pets casually when they are pregnant, and also answer many people’s doubts about "bowworms" by the way.In fact, pregnant women are mainly infected with raw meat, not infected from pets.Therefore, when pregnant women are in the hospital, it is best to do the test of the bowworm. If you are unfortunately infected, follow the doctor’s guidance.Of course, there is no infection, which is the best result., original article, please contact authorization, and mark the author and source of the article.

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