Pregnant women urine, your golden liquid!You might wash away the milk powder with a toilet!

Do you think pregnancy is a very hard thing?I have to endure all kinds of discomfort every day, worry about the health of the fetus, and worry about future expenses.You may not know, in fact, your urine can still sell money!Yes, you did not hear it wrong. The urine of pregnant women is a valuable resource. There are many uses. If you do n’t use it well, it is equivalent to losing a fortune.Let me tell you about the use of urine in pregnant women, let you see how much you have lost.

First, pregnant women can be used for pharmaceuticals.Do you know that pregnant women contain a substance called velvet -promoter, which can be used to treat symptoms such as infertility, lack of luteal function, and functional uterine hemorrhage.This drug is very popular in the market and the price is expensive.It is said that there are now some institutions that specialize in recycling pregnant women, and 12 yuan per kilogram can be acquired.In other words, if you urinate 1.5 liters per day, you can earn 540 yuan a month!This is not a decimal!

Second, pregnant women’s urine can be used to make pregnancy test strips.Do you know that the principle of pregnancy test paper is to detect whether the urine contains a large amount of velvet -promoting sex to determine whether it is pregnant.This test strip is also very popular in the market and the price is not cheap.It is said that some people use pregnant women’s urine to make fake pregnancy test strips, and then sell them to women who want to deceive the man’s money or sympathy.Although this behavior is very immoral, it also shows the value of urine in pregnant women.

Finally, pregnant women’s urine can also be used for beauty.Do you know that pregnant women have some ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, such as amino acids, vitamins, and hormones.Some people use these ingredients to make beauty products such as mask, skin care products, shampoo.These products are also very popular in the market and the price is not low.It is said that some stars use pregnant women’s urine to maintain the skin.

In summary, you can see that pregnant women’s urine is a multifunctional liquid with many uses and high value.If you don’t make good use of it, it is equivalent to wasting a fortune.Of course, I don’t suggest that you sell your urine. After all, this is also an irresponsible behavior of your body and fetal health.I just want you to know that pregnancy is actually a very happy thing. You not only have a new life, but also a magical liquid.Therefore, please cherish your body and life and enjoy the process of pregnancy!

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