Pregnant women’s improper diet caused gastrointestinal discomfort. How to condition?Pregnant mothers need to understand

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It is said that every festival is three pounds of fat, during the Spring Festival, many people cause gastrointestinal discomfort due to improper diet.Among them, pregnant mothers are "high -risk" people.

After pregnancy, because of the impact of hormones and the increasing fetal fetal, the burden on the organs increases, which reduces the digestive ability of pregnant women, and the gastrointestinal and intestines are more likely to have symptoms of discomfort.During the Chinese New Year, because of irregular diet, this happened.

So, how should pregnant mothers condition gastrointestinal problems during the Spring Festival?

During the Spring Festival, many people’s schedules were disrupted.Sleeping late at night, sleeping in the morning, saving breakfast directly.

For pregnant mothers, a meal is not just hungry, but it is more likely to have stomach discomfort than ordinary people.Especially for pregnant mothers with pregnant vomiting reactions, hunger can aggravate nausea and vomiting.

After pregnancy, the metabolism of pregnant women must not only provide energy for themselves, but also to provide the energy required for growth for the fetal baby, which will be hungry faster than before pregnancy.

Therefore, even during the Spring Festival, pregnant mothers have to do the laws of rest, get up early and get up early, eat on time, and eat three meals.

The New Year’s dining tables are indispensable for chickens, ducks, and fish. Coupled with cake snacks, eat more high -oil and sugar foods. Pregnant mothers are prone to bloating and indigestion.

When pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable, adjust their diet in time.Eat less foods that are not easy to digest in meat, and high oil and high -sugar pastry snacks should also be eaten less.

In the morning or evening, eat some easy -to -digest foods such as clear soup noodles, rice porridge.Compared with rice, fermented steamed buns are easier to digest.

You can also drink some fruit soups that are digested and eliminated, such as cooking with hawthorn and apples (according to personal taste, add sugar, not too much to add too much).

During the Spring Festival, the snacks at home will be more than usual, especially nuts and candy snacks.

Although the nuts are good, but too much ingestion of fats, it will also make the pregnant mother’s gastrointestinal uncomfortable.Therefore, the amount of nuts you eat daily should be controlled within the appropriate range.

Usually, eating a small handle (the amount of a pregnant mother grabs one hand) is enough for a day, don’t eat too much.

In addition, don’t eat more candy. Eat one piece and two pieces a day. Pregnant mothers with high blood sugar should be strictly controlled.

Pregnant mothers can eat some fruits in moderation, drink pure milk or no added yogurt, these are healthy snacks.

I ca n’t eat it. I always lie down and sit at home, which will also affect digestion. Do n’t be too lazy during the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival.

Don’t lie immediately after eating, you can stand for a while, or walk in the house for a while.After at least half an hour after dinner, lie down.

When the weather is good and the temperature is suitable, you can also take a walk with the prospective father.It can breathe fresh air and help digestion.

To prevent and ease the problem of gastrointestinal discomfort, it is the most important thing for pregnant mothers to adjust their eating habits and routines.

泻 Note that if there is a problem with diarrhea, do not take medicine at will.Do not delay if necessary in time.

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