Pregnant women’s stomach soreness and stomach bloating and vomiting sour water. What should I do?Do these 5 small things may be effectively relieved

Novice mothers have bloating and vomiting acid, water and stomach acid during pregnancy, mainly because the fetal development of the body in the body compresses the patient’s organs in the patient’s body.Come and eat to slow the gastrointestinal pressure of patients.

First, what should I do if I am pregnant when I am pregnant?

1. Novice mothers should exercise appropriately during pregnancy to promote the blood circulation of the body of pregnant women and improve the muscle tension of the patient’s body.Reduce excessive gastric acid caused by gastrointestinal peristalsis in the body and physical symptoms such as abdominal distension. The patient’s body should take the left lying position sleep in the middle and late pregnancy to slow down the physical illness.Generally, no medicine is required to reduce symptoms.It is recommended that pregnant women need to eat more waves of vegetables and some lemons. They must eat more vegetables and eat less spicy and greasy food.

2. Pregnant women cannot exercise fiercely, especially after a large amount of sweating in the body, pregnant women should not drink cold water or eat cold food immediately, so that it is easy to harm patients’ teeth and motor nerves.

3. Do not eat too much cold food for pregnant women, which will cause excessive stomach acid in the body and pregnant women should avoid eating acid iced fruits.

4. When eating pregnant women, pay attention to eating less and more meals. Do not eat too much at a time, to avoid eating bad body.

5. When pregnant women eat, patients should pay attention to eating food slowly and do not swallow them.

2. Reasons for pregnancy, stomach acid, stomach bloating and vomiting acid, water vomiting acid water

1. Symptoms of gastric acid, stomach bloating and sour water during pregnancy, this is a normal pregnancy reaction. Generally speaking, the reaction during pregnancy generally appears within two months and five months of pregnancy. The main pregnancy response is nausea.Dizziness, keeping saliva, headache, anorexia, or severe vomiting, stomach pain, headache, back pain, leg edema, etc.

2. Gastric acid, stomach bloating and vomiting sour water generally is a normal pregnancy reaction. The pregnancy reaction during pregnancy refers to the normal phenomenon that pregnant women appear in the body of pregnant women during pregnancy.Symptoms, or reaction during pregnancy.Generally, it starts within one month after menopause, and it disappears naturally before and after about six months. Generally speaking, no special treatment is required.

Third, precautions for pregnancy of stomach acid, stomach bloating, acid and water

1. Pay attention to a small number of meals after pregnancy after pregnancy, but be sure to avoid an empty stomach.

2. During pregnancy, pregnant women should eat some light foods. Do not eat foods that are too salty, or too greasy or have a heavy special smell during pregnancy.

3. During pregnancy, pregnant women must replenish their body water in time to avoid dehydration in the body. They can eat more peaches, bananas, milk and other foods to help supplement electrolyte during pregnancy.

4. During pregnancy, pregnant women must keep the indoor air fresh, often open windows and breathe, and pay attention to exercise appropriately.

The impact of stomach acid, stomach bloating and vomiting water during pregnancy, as long as the impact of the daily life and work of pregnant women does not need to pay too much attention, because this is a normal physiological reaction, no need to treat it, and it is mostly about six months after pregnancy.Naturally disappear before and after.The primary manifestation of pregnancy is that female menstruation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms are normal reactions during pregnancy.

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