Pregnant women’s stomachs do not digest, these methods can quickly exhaust and promote digestion, fetal treasure develops well

There is a fan friend who is pregnant for more than 40 days now. He always feels flatulence. He is full of stomachs. When he eats, he swells.If you do n’t eat, you will be hungry, especially at about 5 pm, and the stomach is a bit centrifugal, which is particularly uncomfortable.I want to eat without exhausting, what should I do?

I remember that there was such a stage in the early stages of pregnancy. It was much better in the middle of pregnancy, but I could also think of some ways to relieve it.

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have flatulence, and they will generally continue until four or five months of pregnancy.Bloating and physiological and psychological factors are related.

01. Effect of elevated progesterone level

After pregnancy, the level of progesterone and estrogen rises rapidly, which will release the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract.These hormones will worsen the intestinal peristalsis, food cannot be digested in time, will accumulate in the stomach, excretion will also be delayed. It is prone to cause food that can not be discharged from waste, that is, constipation.

02. The impact of uterine enlarged

After pregnancy, the uterus will slowly increase. It is like an orange at 8 weeks of pregnancy, and it is like a small grapefruit at 10 weeks of pregnancy.This slowly increasing state will make pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable, and at this time, the uterus is below, compressing the intestine, and it will also affect the peristalsis of the intestine.

03. Sports reduction

After pregnancy, due to the increase in blood flow, pregnant mothers should bear the blood supply of herself and the fetus, so they will feel tired.In this state, pregnant mothers don’t like sports, they just like to sit or lie down.Exercise suddenly decreases, the stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract is weakened, and the digestion speed will become slower.

04. Pregnant mothers dare not force their bowel movements

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will become careful, always worrying that the fetus will fall out of the stomach, and all movements are gently.When going to the toilet, because of some constipation, it will be more laborious, but if you do not dare to use his strength, it will cause poor bowel movements. The waste cannot be eliminated in time, which is also the cause of flatulence.

05. The food is not rich enough

In the early stages of pregnancy, the appetite is not very good. The food that I love to eat before is not very good at eating. I can only eat some simple food. It may not be rich in dietary fiber. If there are not many drinking water, it will affect the digestion of food.These reasons accumulate together, causing bloating.

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Theoretically, flatulence does not have an adverse effect on the fetus, because hormones are needed for fetal growth, and they will protect the fetus without exercise.However, if flatulence causes loss of appetite, pregnant mothers become picky foods, eat less, and cannot eat nutrients, which will lead to malnutrition of the fetus.

Especially if you do n’t like to eat starch foods, coupled with insufficient protein and fat intake, it is likely to increase ketone body. If you enter the placenta, it will cause damage to the fetal nervous system of the fetus, and the consequences will be very serious.

Although pregnant mothers are a common phenomenon, they are not forbearing to endure, but they also need to pay more attention to exhaust and make them more comfortable.

Maternal mediation

1. Exercise

You must exercise more, you ca n’t go out casually, just walk around at home, do some light and physical housework, wipe the table and the like.Prepare a yoga cushion and learn some yoga movements with the video.As long as the body moves, it can help gastrointestinal motility.

2. Eat less

Bloating of the gastrointestinal and intestines indicates that the stomach is already full. If you eat a lot of things, you can’t eat it, and it will also aggravate the burden on the gastrointestinal, which will lead to severe flatulence.You can use the method of eating less meals, so that you are not hungry, and your stomach can bear it.

Usually eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, and grain grains to promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, and promote exhaust.

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3. Drink plenty of boiled water

The water in the intestine decreases, and the stool is easy to keep constipation. Drink plenty of boiled water. Drink 8 glasses of water a day and 200ml per day.Can promote defecation.Boil water is a natural water boiling water and cooling water. Generally, there are equipment that purifies tap water at home, which can be purified and boiled.

4. Massage your belly

After pregnancy, I do n’t dare to touch my belly. I ’m afraid of affecting the fetus. In fact, as long as the massage method is correct, there is no problem.After eating for one hour, he lay on the bed at 45 degrees and half, gently massaging his belly.Pay attention to massage your belly at the outer edge of the uterus and massage from right to left. It can protect the fetus and help the breath.

Pregnant women constipation

5. Time to defecate

To develop the habit of timing defecation, after forming a rule, the stool will be smooth.Generally, it is better in the morning. Go to the toilet to sit in a fixed time every morning to slowly adjust the rules of defecation to prevent constipation.

In short, the intestinal flatulence of pregnant mothers will feel uncomfortable, but analyzes the cause and finds that there are ways to solve it.Pregnant mothers, try to do it and let flatulence be trapped!

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