Pregnant Xiaosan came to the palace, I took the initiative to stay at home to raise a fetus at home, she cried and apologized for her child birth

Some men, when their feelings come, are completely passionate, and even want to give you everything in the world.


But when passion, he began to dislike it again. It turned out that the weakness and coquettishness in his eyes became arrogant, and your goodness to him became taken for granted.


When you think he just doesn’t love you, he even defaults that he is stained with flowers outside. Finally, he found that the man would not have a permanent relationship with anyone. He only loved himself.


Some women think that this man can really love her for her, so she really wants to have a child for him, so as to put him around him.Not to mention the vows of the vowing mountain alliance that he said casually.


Therefore, men’s ghost words cannot be believed. He may just talk casually, but you put his words in his heart sincerely.In the end, only itself was hurt.


As a woman, you must see the reality clearly, live a sober life, and do not rely on all your strength to others in order to protect yourself in this messy social life.


At the beginning, Lin Qiuyan and her husband Cao Jun started to start. At the beginning, the two of them worked hard to logistics. Even if they worked every day to the middle of the night, no one was tired. I still remember Cao Jun at that time. Every day, he dreamed that his wife would be richday.


To this day, Cao Jun’s career has improved. Lin Qiuyan has also withdrawn from work and returns to the family, but his feelings are gone. Men who have money have become more.Clean things.


At the beginning, Lin Qiuyan failed to accept such a big change in her husband. She was in suspicion of her husband and doubt about her husband every day.


Over time, Cao Jun not only did not listen to persuasion, but even began to bother to go home. He pushed away for various reasons every day and was alone.


Lin Qiuyan thought to divorce her husband, but Cao Jun still disagreed. Anyway, even if he didn’t love, he couldn’t let go of the other party.


As a result, Lin Qiuyan began to find something to do, life gradually became enriched, and her mood became happy. Since then, she slowly thought about it. After accepting this change of her husband, she also adapted to such a life.


01. Lin Qiuyan went to the company to find Cao Jun, Xiao San Liu Yang boldly provoked


On this day, Lin Qiuyan went to the company to find her husband to discuss something. As soon as she entered the company, she saw her husband and a beautiful woman out of the conference room.


Just listening to her voice, and said, "Then our cooperation will officially start. If you say good in the afternoon, please dinner, but don’t forget."


She didn’t wait for Cao Jun to respond, and continued to say, "Well, who is this, come to the President Cao when wearing such shabby, do n’t look at our President Cao in his eyes!"


After speaking, he glanced at Cao Jun ambiguously. When he turned away, he hit Lin Qiuyan without forgetting.


In the evening, Cao Jun chose to eat with his wife, and discussed with Liu Yang for a few days to invite her to dinner.


Liu Yang agreed, but when the two were eating, they rushed over.


"It turned out that the sister -in -law came to the company. No wonder Cao did not eat with me." Liu Yang finished, and took the initiative to sit next to Cao Jun.


After that, he could only hear Liu Yang’s voice on the table, "Oh, this is not delicious" "This is too sweet", and then put things on Cao Jun’s plate.


And Cao Jun said nothing after saying "his own things". He could feel Liu Yang’s intention, but he didn’t want to refuse and immersed it in it.


Lin Qiuyan looked in her eyes and couldn’t say anything.


02. Xiao San Liu Yang came to force the palace, and Lin Qiuyan was carefully accepted


On this day, Lin Qiuyan was doing yoga at home, and he heard that his doorbell rang. When he opened the door, he was the woman who had seen in the company last time, and a large suitcase was dragged around.


Lin Qiuyan was a little surprised. When she saw her last time, she still stood in front of herself high, why she is like a leaky ball.


Liu Yang stood outside the door and was so polite that he opened the door directly to see the mountain road: "I and Cao Jun have been together, and I still conceive his child. He has not loved you anymore. You should divorce him soon!"


Lin Qiuyan learned in the mouth of her friends that her husband was hooking with a female net red some time ago, staring at Liu Yang’s slightly raised belly, and knew that Liu Yang was abandoned.


Liu Yang looked at Lin Qiuyan’s eyes, and yelled in the door as if he was poked in the pain. "Anyway, I am pregnant with Cao Jun’s child. If you force me again, I will live with the children in my stomach.! "


"Come in," Liu Yang stunned a little, followed Lin Qiuyan, and saw Lin Qiuyan stop in front of a guest room, pushed the door, and said to Liu Yang.


"In the future, you will live here and pack your own things. Since you are pregnant, you must pay attention to your emotions. After a while, I will accompany you to the hospital for a production inspection." Lin Qiuyan calmly shocked Liu Yang like an outsider, and he shocked Liu Yang.Essence


Later, Lin Qiuyan not only took care of Liu Yang’s daily life, but also accompanied her to chase dramas, watch movies, listen to music, do sports, and relax Liu Yang’s mood.


03. After Liu foreign birth, he listened to Lin Qiuyan’s words, crying and apologizing to her


Unconsciously, when Liu Yang produced, Lin Qiuyan contacted her to pick up the doctor, and was alone outside the delivery room, waiting for the baby to come.


The postpartum Liu Yang gradually became cheerful, and he also took the initiative to talk to Lin Qiuyan on this day.


"I have never understood that I was so good to you at first?" Liu Yang asked.


"Let’s let it pass before. No matter what you do in the future, he must rely on himself. The man will not be reliable after all." Lin Qiuyan pulled the corner of his mouth.


After hearing this, Liu Yang seemed to recall his former. He cried and said, "You are right, men can’t stand. At the time, Cao Jun came to seduce me for work. Later, I threatened him with work.Lian and my death were forced to go away. Now I am pregnant with his child, and he doesn’t admit it, saying that my casual woman may be pregnant with whose wild species! "


Seeing that Lin Qiuyan saw the paper towels kindly, Liu Yang wiped his tears and continued: "I was really stupid at the time, not only paving the way for people’s careers, but in the end, I lost myself!"


Lin Qiuyan stretched out his hand to tears Liu Yang, like a big sister, comforted this: "Don’t cry, it’s not good for your body, and it is not worth it. The past things will let it pass and live with your children in the future."


Listening to Lin Qiuyan’s comfort, Liu Yang cried loudly: "Sister, I’m sorry for you. At first, I shouldn’t force your family or be so arrogant in front of you. I am really not a thing, oh …After that, come over and hug Lin Qiuyan.


Lin Qiuyan has forgiven her long ago. He has long known that his husband has been gone before, and he has not treated his feelings seriously. Since he has money, he will fly herself. She knows that if there is no husband’s permission, Liu Yang will not followHe is good.


Lin Qiuyan did all of this, not because of her kindness, but she was acceptable.


People say that men can only listen to a joke, don’t take it seriously, say it a little bit.When they think that love is coming, they will treat you regardless of everything, not afraid of worldly eyes, and even willing to sacrifice themselves.


But after this passion, there was only indifference and impatience, so he began to find different happiness in other places.


Some people say that straight men can’t understand the behavior of green tea. Is that really not understanding, but they don’t want to understand, they just want to experience other kinds of fun.


Girls understand girls, girls save girls, and some people are just confused, but her nature is kind. When she goes astray, she can be rescued by others and can realize her mistakes.


In fact, everyone’s life has large and small troubles, just depends on how we look at the problem.When I am absolutely dark, I might as well look at the problem from another angle, and let go of my heart’s obsession, so life will become beautiful.


No matter how good people are encountering in life, no hope can be pinned on others, because people will change. As an independent individual, remember that they are the most reliable!








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