Premature ovarian failure is difficult to get pregnant?Acupuncture may help you

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Many women under the age of 40 have long failed to seek pregnancy for many years. Experts from Sun Yaxian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University reminded that this may be caused by premature ovarian aging.And this problem that plagues many women, can now be solved by acupuncture treatment.

Is it too late to "pregnancy"?Premature ovarian failure

Ms. Wen from Panyu, Guangzhou for 10 years, has ended in failure.In the past ten years, Ms. Wen followed the doctor’s guidance and repeatedly promoted the arrangement. She did 4 test tube transplants before and after. However, because the follicle quality was not good, the test tube transplantation failed and failed to get pregnant.When Ms. Wen was about to give up, she was introduced by a friend to the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University.After being diagnosed with doctors, Ms. Wen suffered from premature ovarian failure.After three months of acupuncture treatment, "pregnancy" finally arrived.Ms. Wen found that she was naturally pregnant, and the family was surprised.

Similar to Ms. Wen’s situation, Ms. Yang from Qingyuan.With the release of the national second child policy, Ms. Yang, 36, wanted to grasp the last hope to regenerate a child, but after inspection, Ms. Yang’s ovarian function hormone A (AMH) was only 0.44ng/ml, and the ovarian function score was low.EssenceAlthough Ms. Yang was pregnant once during this period, because her ovarian function was poor and the embryo quality was not good, she eventually abortion.Later, Ms. Yang wanted to do test tube transplants, but the doctor told her that because of her poor ovarian function and no superior follicles, the so -called "clever woman is difficult to cook without rice."This result once again made Ms. Yang’s heart cold to the bottom point.Finally, after three months of acupuncture treatment at Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, Ms. Yang found that she was pregnant and she was naturally pregnant.

Acupuncture therapy helps improve patient ovarian function

"Many women think that premature ovarian failure is what will only encounter in menopause in their fifties. But in fact, this disease occurs in women under 40 years old."explain.

It is reported that in the world, the infertility rate is as high as 15%-20%, and infertility has become the third largest disease in the world in the world after cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.China’s infertility rate climbed from 2.5%to 3%to 12.5%to 15%from 20 years ago, and the number of patients exceeded 40 million. This was mainly caused by factors such as delayed fertility and great increase in patients with ovarian failure.

As one of the most common diseases of women, premature ovarian failure refers to the amenorrhea of women before the age of 40, increased the level of follicle stimuli (FSH> 40U/L), and estrogen levels.For example, menstrual changes, decreased follicles, decreased follicles, reduced fertility or infertility, and may cause recurrence abortion in some cases.

The cause of premature ovarian failure is currently unclear, with irregular lifestyle, over -diet, high mental stress, and poor emotional induction.The treatment of premature ovarian aging, except for supplementing hormones, does not have exact and effective treatment in modern medicine.

Hou Jiayun said that the current two mainstream treatment methods are: one is hormone therapy, that is, supplementing estrogen.The second is the traditional medical treatment that everyone is well known, including Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, ear acupoint pressure, and physical therapy.The two ladies mentioned above were undergoing a thirteen needle therapy for menstruation to promote pregnancy before they finally became pregnant.Studies related to acupuncture promotion in the United States, Germany, Brazil, Denmark and other countries have shown that acupuncture has increased significantly for IVF’s pregnancy rate and survival rate.

Hou Jiayun revealed that the data of the hospital showed that some ladies with premature ovarian failure found that the number of follicles and poor follicle quality during inspection, but after the treatment of thirteen pins in pregnancy, the number of follicles increasedMake full preparations, increase the chance of success in test tube transplantation, and even achieve natural pregnancy.Thirteen needle therapy for pregnancy can effectively reduce the level of patients’ gonad hormone and improve its ovarian function.

What are the symptoms of premature ovarian failure?

(1) Menstruation changes: As the ovarian function gradually declines, the menstrual cycle will be shortened, the menstrual flow, the irregular cycle, the scarcity of menstruation, and amenorrhea will occur.From ovarian reserves to functional failure, there are several years of transition period, and some may only take a few months.A small number of women even suddenly ended without any causes of induced menstruation.

(2) Low fertility or infertility: The number of follicles is reduced, the quality of follicles decreases, and the fertility power decreases significantly; the endometrium is thin, and the fertilized eggs are not easy to bed after bed%~ 10%of pregnancy opportunities, but the risk of natural abortion and fetal chromosome distortion increases.

(3) Decreased estrogen level: there can be hot sweat, dryness and burning vagina, decreased sexual desire, osteoporosis, bone pain, fracture, skin dullness and no luster, chloasma, changes in emotion and cognitive function, cardiovascular blood vessels, cardiovascular blood vessels, cardiovascular blood vessels, cardiovascular blood vesselsSymptoms and arrhythmia.

(4) Other symptoms: development defects, intellectual obstacles, abnormal sexual development, abnormal characteristics of sexual development, low reduction of adrenal and thyroid gland, and recurrence of abortion.(For more news, please pay attention to the Yangcheng Pai

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