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What is ovulation test paper?

The ovulation test strip is to predict whether ovulation is ovulated by detecting the peak level of luteal generating hormone (LH).It can be used to qualitatively detect lutein (LH) in human urine, thereby determining the "safety period" of ovulation time and women’s menstrual cycle, and achieve the purpose of choosing the best time to conceive or using the "safety period" contraception.

Ovulation test strips are in vitro testing and auxiliary diagnosis of women’s ovulation.Ovulation test strips are suitable for women with about 30%, and they are clinically used as auxiliary methods for detecting ovulation.

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How to use ovulation test strips

1. Generally, the normal menstrual cycle is 28 days. The next time the menstrual period comes, it is pushed forward for 14 days as the ovulation day. Generally, testing from the 11th day of ovulation day, and always testing for 6 days.But not every woman ovulates in the middle of menstruation, and may not have positive results during the test 6 days.Some women are sometimes affected by environmental, emotional and fatigue, and may ovulate in advance.

2. Two hours before the collection of urine should be reduced, because the diluted urine samples will hinder the detection of LH peak.

3. Observe and record changes in the color of the line during testing. If the detection results are negative, but the color of the detection lines starts to decline, it can also be used as the peak of LH.

4. The test strip should be observed within the specified time, and it is invalid after 30 minutes.With negative test results, a light ribbon may appear in the position of the detection line, which is observed after a while.

5. Before use, the test strip cannot be subject to the moisture or touch reaction membrane. After the test strip is taken out, please cover the can.The test strip should be used during the validity period, and please do not use it after expiration.

6. The HCG in the urine will interfere with the test strip test results. Therefore, ovulation test strips are not suitable for pregnant women. If LH peaks appear for a few days, you should first detect whether you are pregnant.

7. At present, no reports of commonly used drugs (such as cold drugs, antibiotics, painkillers, etc.) affect the accuracy of test accuracy, but if injection or taking drugs containing HCG will affect.

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Only a red strip or detection line appears in the control line area shallowly on the control line.A red strip appears, that is, the contrasting line is colorful, and the detection line does not show color, indicating no ovulation; two red strips appear, the detection line ratio is obviously light, indicating that the LH in the urine has not yet appeared in the peak, and it must continue every day.test.

Positive result

Two colored strips and detection lines are equal to or deeper than the control line.It shows that the peak of LH has appeared, indicating that ovulation will be ovulated within 24-48 hours.

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Invalid result

When there is no color band in the control line area, the test fails or the reagent failure.In this case, you should read the instructions carefully and re -test with the new reagent bar.If the problem still exists, you should immediately stop using the batch product and contact the local dealer and/or manufacturer.

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