Preparing for pregnancy is not moved, is your ovulation period right?

The development of follicles in human ovarian began during the embryo period, and about 2 million follicles in the ovaries when newborn were born.Most follicles are degraded in childhood, and only about 300,000 follicles are left in the recent adolescence.A batch of follicles develops every month. After recruitment and selection, there is generally only one superior follicle that can be completely mature and discharged. The remaining follicles will degenerate after a certain degree.Women usually have only 400-500 follicles and ovulation in their lives.Of course, these amounts of follicles are enough to give birth to a healthy baby.

Many women know that ovulation can only be pregnant, but they do not know how to predict the days of ovulation. There are many such patients in gynecological clinics. I often ask: "Why did I have calculated each time, or I was infertile in the same room during ovulation?"Don’t worry, let’s take a look first, how to calculate the ovulation period.

Those with menstruation are 28-30 days, and the time of ovulation is relatively fixed, mostly about 14 days before the next menstrual tide.Before ovulation, ovarian hormone secretion increased, and the amount of mucus secreted by cervical cells increased, which was thin and transparent, and could be brushed. At this time, many women felt that leucorrhea suddenly increased, like egg white, and her underwear was humid.In addition, hormones secreted by ovarian also have an effect on the breast, and some people will feel the tenderness of the breast. These symptoms are likely to indicate that you will ovulate.

But in fact, ovulation days are not completely fixed, ovulation time will change according to different situations, and it is possible to advance and push back in advance.Other women’s menstrual cycle is not allowed. I don’t know when the menstruation will come next time, what should I do?

Try these tips below to help judge ovulation days and help increase the surrogacy rate.Of course, the most accurate method of judging ovulation is to do yin super monitoring, but because the B ultrasound needs to go to the hospital continuously. If it is not convenient to go to the hospital, then try it first and find the rules first.

1. Basic body temperature measurement

Try the method of testing the basic body temperature, simple and easy to use, but you must master the method, otherwise the error is quite large.

Basic body temperature, also known as static body temperature, is the oral temperature measured under the factors that completely exclude external interference.Generally speaking, the temperature measured without doing anything within five minutes in the morning is closest to the real base temperature, but the premise is to ensure sufficient sleep and 6-8 hours of sleep time.If you often go to work at night, this method is not suitable. If you have a cold and fever during the body temperature, the measurement is not accurate.

Before the ovulation period comes, the basic body temperature will stabilize at a relatively low value to fluctuate slightly. When the ovulation date, the body temperature will increase by about 0.3-0.5 ° C because of the effect of hormone in the ovary.Therefore, on the day of ovulation, we can measure a significant upward trend on the basal body temperature, and will continue until the next menstrual period.In the same room during ovulation, the success rate of pregnancy will be greatly improved.Judging the ovulation day by measuring the basal body temperature, it is relatively convenient to operate, and it is worth trying.

However, this method is not suitable for women who go to night shifts and often stay up at night. When they have a cold and fever, there will be errors, and the result will be inaccurate.

2. Use of ovulation test strip

It is said that the method of testing the basic body temperature is not suitable for everyone. Some people go to night shifts, and some people always forget to test. So what can there be self -detection of ovulation? Another good way is to measure ovulation test strips.

At present, the principle of ovulation test strips on the market is the same -before ovulation, there is a hormone called luteal gobrin in the body increase.The concentration luteal generates, that is, Qiangyang (most of the ovulation test strips on the market are two two that are similar to the color of the detection line and the control line, which indicates that Qiangyang is prompted), indicating that ovulation is about to ovulation within 24-48 hours.

Because each person’s ovulation time is different, it is recommended to start monitoring ovulation through test strips on the tenth day of menstruation. When two lines are not detected in the early stage, you can continue to detect the next day. If you are close to Qiangyang, it is recommended to increase the detection frequency appropriately.Under normal circumstances, ovulation will be ovulated within 24-48 hours after the test strip is detected, so within three days after the monitoring of Qiangyang is a good opportunity for pregnancy.Because the eggs have 1-2 days of survival time after the eggs are excreted, the chance of pregnancy in the same room during this period is relatively high.

There are many types of ovulation test strips now. There is a LH semi -quantitative ovulation test paper. Its test scope is larger than ordinary test strips. The highest value can be measured by 65. It can accurately grasp the ovulation time period, which is conducive to grasping the opportunity for pregnancy.

Many people do not know what the level of LH is when I first started using ovulation test strips to test Ov. LH. I only know the depth of the color of the test line. The ordinary ovulation test paper above is easy to see.The LH semi -quantitative test paper overcome this deficiencies. It uses the "color card" to find specific values.Each box will be equipped with a non-color card, and the color segment is 0, 5, 10, 25, 45, 65. (65 is the peak value of the average ovulation, which is generally normal at 50-100).By the highest value, ovulation will be promoted, and this ovulation process will occur within 24 hours.To put it simply, the lighter the color, the smaller the corresponding value, the darker the color, and the larger the corresponding value.After the test, compare the test strip coloring card. The detection value will be changed from low to high, and the maximum value of 65 will promote ovulation. We can judge when we ovulate according to the color depth and corresponding values.

The following is the case of a patient who has been preparing for a long time to use the LH semi -quantitative test strip. Compared with Yin Chao monitoring follicles, let’s take a look.

At the time of measurement, it means that the LH value has begun to rise, and more test began.

Test 45 values, you can measure 4 hours at a time;

Testing 65 values (those with short cycles can be arranged here). You can measure it every 2-3 hours after 65 values. The measurement is deeper than the 65 value. At this time, it is the peak.At this time, be sure to arrange the same room for the first time.

After the patient was measured 65, he went to the hospital to do a yin super and found that there was an advantageous follicles. After 65, she did not continue to test. After two days, she reviewed the ultrasound and prompts that the follicles had been discharged.Next, wait for good news.

See the advantageous follicles

Reminder has been ovulation

Through the use of this patient, we can find that the use of LH semi -quantitative test strips is similar to the effect of vaginal ultrasound monitoring follicles. It is a way to try to prepare for pregnant women who go to the hospital to test follicles.

The above methods are a good way to simply judge whether ovulation at home at home, but the accuracy rate of these methods is not 100 %. The basis for testing the basic physical temperature will have errors because of poor grasping and physical conditions.EssenceBecause the test strip detects the luteal -produced concentration in the urine, a false positive test result will also occur when suffering from certain nervous system diseases or thyroid diseases, or hormone drugs.There is also a situation that ovulation will not be ovulated after the LH peak appears. This is called ovarian luteumin syndrome. There is also an increase in LH before ovulation. The follicles can be mature. The test strips will find changes, but they cannot break the ovulation.

Therefore, when monitoring for 3-6 months in a row, there is still no pregnancy after the same room on time. At this time, it is recommended to go to the hospital to test the follicles to see if the bottom is ovulation.

Hope to prepare for pregnant female friends who can get pregnant as soon as possible!

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