Qi Wei exposed his second child in an unexpected accident and conceived with Li Chengyi during the safety period.

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On October 27th, Li Chengyi confirmed that Qi Wei’s second child was produced in the rehearsal before the fifth performance of "Things", and his excitement for his wife’s good news was written on the corner of the eye.

After this content was exposed, Qi Wei also exposed long videos of the second child’s pregnancy process. From accidental pregnancy to pregnancy examination, the method of controlling weight during pregnancy was also exposed.

As early as October 20th, Li Chengyi missed the due date of the second child because he temporarily received a performance invitation from Lin Feng and Wu Jianhao.This made Li Chengyi blame herself, while Qi Wei comforted her husband through the phone, saying that it was good to be able to do both. However, since she participated in the recording, she should protect the audience first. She did not care about the time difference of these two days.

Qi Wei’s atmosphere has become another kind of virtuous type, and her marriage with Li Chengyi has always been labeled as "female strong man" also re -examined the outside world.

On October 27, Li Chengyi had been blaming himself before the fifth performance. He was not in a hurry to go home to accompany him until his wife gave birth, hoping to catch up with the child’s birth.

Li Chengyi also rushed to Qi Wei as expected and accompanied him to give birth to his younger son.

Although Li Chengyi said before Qi Wei gave birth, he said he wanted to have more daughters, but for his young son, he and his daughter Lucky were excited to be unable to herself.Compared with everyone cares about the younger son, Li Chengyi constantly cares about his wife’s production process and inadvertently reveals sweetness.

After accompanying his wife a little, he hurried to the show at the scene to participate in the rehearsal, and there was no technique between his wife and children and his work.

It is just compared to this fatigue, Li Chengyi is deeper than Qi Wei’s gratitude. He admits that his wife is difficult to turn over in the late pregnancy, and he continues to be absent because of the recording of the show, which makes his heart blame himself.

At the same time, Qi Wei has never complained for this and has been silently supporting Li Chengyi.This also made him feel more moved because of his wife’s understanding. In addition to being grateful and gratitude, he also has a self -blame, so he must cherish the family.

Li Chengyi announced the news of children in the show, and Qi Wei also rushed to expose his long video on October 27.

After being exposed in September 2022, the second child was born, and the couple joined hands to disclose the good news.

However, for the arrival of the younger son, Qi Wei, who has always felt bold, bluntly said that he had an unexpected pregnancy. Although he had always had a plan to have a second child, the baby’s arrival was an accidental pregnancy during the safety period of the last day of the physiological period.

While laughing, Li Chengyi told that she couldn’t hold it and said, "The safety period is not credible!"

During the pregnancy, Qi Wei also thought that his appetite became better, especially preferred sweets.

However, the problem followed, and she found that her weight increased by 5.5 kg during the checkup and was shocked.

Compared to the state of being free to let go during pregnancy during pregnancy, the weight has soared 46 pounds. Qi Wei has been working continuously during the pregnancy of the second child. She is in the self -discipline of female artists.Essence

She asked the staff to find some beautiful clothes for her pregnancy to meet the needs of her appearance, and also began to ask the doctor how to control weight during pregnancy.

Qi Wei’s video also revealed the mystery in Qi Wei’s video.When she is pregnant, she is urged to eat vegetables, protein foods first, and then eat staple foods in order. After the meal, the fruit is changed between two meals.Maintain at least 6000 steps a day, all of which are required from diet to exercise.

It is also this persistence that Qi Wei can appear normally during the whole pregnancy, and at the last birth inspection, her weight has completely reached the standard, which also reflects her efforts in the process.

Facing Qi Wei, who was strong, Li Chengyi looked at his wife with a smile, and fully supported his decision.

And in the two people’s getting along, you can also clearly see the relationship between Li Chengyi and Qi Wei, with love and friendship with each other. The two people rushing to each other in both ways are from the first seven years after the first seven years.The main reason for the sweeter is that this interaction is indeed sweeter than idol dramas.

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