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February 11, 2023

Original Popular Science Chapter 567

Many people do not know that in all ovulation measurement methods, the basic body temperature is the simplest and convenient method.

After the management of intervention camps, many friends have resumed ovulation menstruation one after another, because the basal body temperature is accurate. As soon as it is reduced, menstruation will come. This is ovulation menstruation.

Today I deliberately sorted out another article about basic body temperature, help you!


Basic body temperature

Refers to the temperature of the non -disturbed quietness.

During the follicle growth cycle, the eggs will complete the next way after ovulation, and the remaining part is luteal. The luteal will secrete progestone. The progesterone will act in the body temperature center of the hypothalamus, causing the basal body temperature to increase by 0.3~ 0.5 ℃.

Therefore, the body temperature in the second half of menstruation will be higher than the first half.

The so -called post -half period is also the luteal stage. The luteal life is relatively stable, about 14 days ± 2 days.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, if the basic body temperature of the next month is recorded, we can find that the body temperature will present a bilateral temperature curve, and we can determine whether there is ovulation through this curve.

When the polycystic girl ovulates, it will come to menstruation. Ovulation can be predicted through basic body temperature, and the best conception time can also be grasped.


Measurement methods

1) Tools

Try to choose the most common mercury body temperature gauge, instead of using the electronic temperature meter.

Because some people measured with these two thermometers at the same time, they found that the gap between the two was large, the electronic watches were not stable, and the fluctuations were relatively large.

Of course, electronic thermometers can generally record the temperature curve of the body in the background, which is also more convenient.

2) Preparation

Clean the thermometer on the night before, throw the scale below 35 ° C, and put it at the place where the bedside can reach.

3) Measurement site

Put it under the tongue of the mouth and close your mouth tightly. Do not measure the temperature of the underarm.

4) Time

After waking up every day, do n’t move, do n’t get up, do n’t speak, put the thermometer prepared in advance into the oral cavity, measure for 3 to 5 minutes, and the daily measurement time should be fixed within 1 hour, otherwise it will affect the accuracy.

5) Record

After measurement, it is best to record the daily temperature on the small square paper;

With the horizontal coordinates as the date, each small grid is one day;

The vertical coordinate is the temperature, each small grid is 0.1 ° C;

It is best to draw a picture per cycle, or you can draw it together.

If you have the same room, there are many leucorrhea, insomnia, late sleep, cold, etc., you must record at the corresponding time.

Those who have night shifts should be measured after 6 to 8 hours of sleep, and "Night Class" is indicated in the record.


Ovulation body temperature

After ovulation, the basal body temperature can rise by 0.3 ~ 0.5 ° C to form a two -phase body temperature at the front and rear high (pictured);

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