Question: After drinking alcohol, I still jumped and I found that I was pregnant. Can this child else?

Most of the women who test pregnancy in the hospital were mostly stopped for a week. They drumped at home to test the pregnancy stick and went to the hospital to test the blood after a few days.It’s a matter of things.

At this time, there are often people who are shocked, mom!I was still everywhere a month ago. I drank alcohol at the annual meeting and took medicines after a cold. A few days ago, the company’s annual group was built. What should I do?Will it affect the baby?Will it cause deformity?Is there any way to save?Should I stay in this child?

The development of the fetus in the mother will be affected in many aspects, but the normal diet, exercise, and no medication without damage to the fetus will not cause serious consequences.

In the early pregnancy (1 to 3 months after pregnancy), it is the period of differentiation of the baby’s important organization and organs, and it is also the high incidence period for the most sensitive and fetal malformations to the outside world.Especially in the first month of pregnancy, the influence of the outside world is often all or nothing, that is, either it is okay, or death, that is, it will have a miscarriage.

In short, if the fetus is still healthy, it means everything, because if the fetus at this stage is affected, it will not be able to survive in the mother’s belly.This is the cause of general biochemical pregnancy and early fetal stops.

However, if the mother took X -rays without knowing pregnancy, and tangled whether to flow off the child.Frankly speaking, no doctor dared to pat the chest and said [absolutely zero probability, zero risk].

Because even if there is no clear teratogenic factor, children may have problems.

First of all, you must clarify the following points:

1. First consult the doctor to understand how much the factors you are worried about will have a big impact on your baby.

2. Consider clearly.These factors cause baby deformity to be a small probability event.

Even if there is no "unreliable", there may be such an ending. After all, the incidence of Tang’s baby is still a few.But if you choose a miscarriage, you will lose your life.

3. Learn to understand the diseases and family diseases of both husband and wife.

I have encountered a patient before. My husband’s chromosomal abnormal family inheritance, not easy to get pregnant, and may be greatly genetic after pregnancy. In this case, it is a problem with giving birth and not being born.

I am a good pregnant doctor Deng Guiling, an old lady who broke her heart for pregnancy.For more than 30 years of medical treatment, I have solved a lot of pregnancy and pregnancy problems. If you also have confusion in this area, you can leave a message or ask me a private letter. If you have a question, you must answer it!

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