Raise knowledge | Why are fried chestnuts instead of salt?

The mountains are wild in autumn, blowing chestnut fragrance

As the weather turns cold, there is a scorched fragrance of sugar and chestnuts appearing on the streets and alleys.When enjoying this sweet glutinous, have you been curious, why do you put sugar in fried chestnuts?

Why use sugar chestnuts?

Common chestnuts, loose iron sand is added to the pot, the iron sand conducting heat is extremely fast, which can make the chestnuts evenly heated and not burnt.

Add sugar and stir -fry. The ash after fried sand and the impurities on the chestnut shell can be sticky by sugar, and the surface of the chestnuts is cleaner.

The chestnuts are frying, and a layer of membrane will be formed on the shell.This membrane can reduce water evaporation. Under the same conditions of normal temperature, sugar chestnuts can be stored longer than dry fried chestnuts.

Chestnut small file

Speaking of chestnuts, everyone is familiar with its brown round shape.In fact, it was a veritable assassination before harvesting.

According to the "Chinese Fruit Tree Chronicles · Chestnut Roll", my country has more than 300 chestnut varieties, and in 26 provinces, municipalities, and districts across the country, it is distributed from the hidden plains below 50m above sea level to 2800m altitude.

GB/T 122346-2008 "Chestnut Quality Level" divides chestnuts into dishes and fried types. Stir-fried chestnut chestnuts have higher sugar content and thinner meat.Everyone is more familiar with Xunxi chestnuts. The planting varieties (Yanshan Early, Yanshan Kuili, Yanshan Short Branches, and Big Board Red) are all fried types.

GB/T 122346-2008 Chinese Products Physical and Chemical Indicators

The chestnuts are rich in nutrition, and the chestnuts contain a variety of vitamins, inorganic salts and unsaturated fatty acids. The amino acid content is 1.5 times higher than corn, flour, and rice.Cooked chestnuts also contain carotene, riboflavin, a small amount of phenolin, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium.

It should be noted that in addition to nutrition, the calories of chestnuts are not low.According to the "Chinese Food ingredients Table (Sixth Edition)", the calories of 100g cooked chestnut were 214 kcal and 46 grams of carbohydrates; the calories of 100g of rice were 116 kcal and carbohydrates were 25.9 grams.Friends who want to control calorie intake should remember that you can’t eat too much chestnut.

The mystery of Li Ren snacks

In addition to sugar chestnuts, it is also common to eat the snacks of the whole chestnut kernels.They have a sweet taste, and the shelf life can be up to one year, but the observation of the ingredient table is only one chestnut, and there is no additional ingredients. Why is this?

This kind of snack has a long shelf life because the chestnut kernels must undergo a series of processes including raw materials, shelling and peeling, color protection, hardening, drain, drying, sterilization, and so on.

The CCTV Agricultural "Who Knowing the Chinese Food" section visited a chestnut processing plant on the spot. The factory’s method is to pocket the chestnuts that are steamed to half -cooked, and then sprayed with hot water sprayed by a high -temperature sterilization cooker to 121 ° C.It can not only sterilize, but also make chestnuts to keep the taste soft and waxy.

As for the sweetness of the chestnut kernels, the factory will first choose the appropriate chestnut variety, and then place the newly collected chestnut low -temperature environment for more than a month. During the process, chestnut starch will be glycated and the sweetness will rise, so you do not need to add additional sugar to sugar.Or sweetener.

LY/T 1674-2006 "Locked Reservation Technical Procedures for Storage Storage" also required that the storage temperature of chestnuts should be at the warehouse until the end of January of the following year should be) 0 ° C ± 0.5 ° C.Refrigeration can be stored for 4 to 6 months.

Source: Shanghai Market Supervision

Source: Shanghai Market Supervision

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