Raising a dog

Sherry Barbie grew up with Gege from an early age, but the IQ is super high than the border herd. A small movement will be taught and hiding cats will always be found by her, but it is a bad problem. No one in the family will always be as soon as no one in the family will always be as soon as no one in the family.Calling all the time, if it wasn’t for my neighbors to remind me that dogs were sick?I have been covered in the drum. Until one day my husband forgot to bring the key to wait for me downstairs, and I heard that Barbie called for more than an hour after waiting for more than an hour.I tried it, and I couldn’t change this hair disease. I stayed at home as much as possible at night.

The ninth floor of the ninth floor that reminds me is a native of Jiangsu. She often carries a racket with her girlfriend in the morning to play badminton. Every time she encounters them, they are hoped.Shuangquan, too enviable.

However, one day after the opening season of college, her girlfriend jumped down the building. Because of her decision, she did not jump from her own home on the third floor.

Soon the ninth floor was moved away, but I suffered a few of our neighbors. As long as the sky was black, I had to hold Barbie when I went out. This biliary artifact was quite useful. If Barbie was an individual, it must be the tenderness of the iron and Han.She never bullyed that she was weaker than herself, and she was not timid than herself. She exudes a strong desire to protect. Barbie should add two words to her before!

After Gege was sent away, I thought whether Barbie’s dogs were more successful. The next nest was a mother, so I asked my friends to return to me from Shenzhen to a very pure Gongxue Nori Zai.

Soon Barbie became pregnant. It just began to give birth to the night just the night when the due date. I took six nights and took her downstairs and went to the toilet.After walking, I came back an hour later, and one in the nest was made, a total of seven small Snow Nayri, six male and one mother.

After the puppy full moon, several people I chosen carefully took them one after another, and only one had received some money and sold to a stranger introduced to a friend.Just a nest, no longer let Barbie give birth, serving the dog confinement will also get half of my death, and finally give them a good family who is capable of loving and loving.

Later, my daughter went to junior high school. We moved to a small apartment near the school. Barbie was led by my elementary school classmates. The car washing room on the friendly side took two little pony to see the home nursing home.On the day of the Lantern Festival, the sound of firecrackers was fainted by the shocking sky, and I couldn’t find the way back to my new home …

After a year, I accidentally went to Xiaosen Magnata for hair and chatted with Li Fa. He said that last year he picked up a Snow Nayri wearing blue clothes and gave me a photo of the mobile phone.I couldn’t stop flowing in tears. I asked him where the dog is now?I do n’t want to come back. As long as I know that Zai Zai is good, as soon as I called, the boss daughter said that she had only raised for three days and lost it …

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