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Su Qing took out a small mirror and powder again, and made up for his face repair.

"I said Xiaoqing, we set off from 7 am in the morning, now at eleven o’clock, you have made up at least four makeup along the way, it is beautiful enough, do you plan to brush your face into a wall?" Gu NingWhile watching the road Yu Guang, he started to make up his girlfriend, and couldn’t help but talk about it.

"What do you know! I am nervous! For the first time, I came to see your uncle and aunt with you, I don’t clean up in case you lose your face!" Su Qing looked at her boyfriend strangely, and took care of myself.I wiped it out of the mirror and wiped it up, watching myself in the mirror with a smile in the mirror, um, full of temperament, full of makeup.

The two rushed to Gu Ning’s house in a stuck dinner. The car had not stopped. Several people stood on the side of the road and beckoned in their direction. "That’s my uncle and aunt. I heard that you are here today.Let’s take a look. After a while, let’s have lunch together and take you to know. "Seeing Su Qing looked at himself in doubt, Gu Ning began to recognize his girlfriend.

"You can remind me for a while, don’t call it wrong." Gu Ning’s hand Su Qing told a whisper, for fear that you would make mistakes if you didn’t pay attention.Walking in front of the house.

The original nervousness eased a lot under the enthusiasm of the other family’s family. When he officially served on the table, Su Qing could already talk to the elders.

The little girl looked good and sweet. Several elders looked at them with joy. They were satisfied with the two words on their faces.

"Xiao Qing, when do you plan to have children? This marriage is booked, so hurry up and want the child to avoid getting married when you get married when you get a big belly!" During the meeting, an elder asked with a smile.

"Ah?" Do you want children?Su Qing didn’t respond. After thinking about it for a while, he replied: "After getting married, let’s go naturally. We are not young, and we want to upgrade to be a parent soon." I thought that the other party was afraid that they would not want to ask the child immediately.Su Qing wants to answer this way, it should be okay.

"It’s really not pregnant …" After listening to Su Qing’s answer, the elders whispered and looked at Su Qing again. The expression seemed a bit strange.There are no more than a lot of boyfriends around the pestle. I don’t know what happened.

"Eat first first, we have a lot of heart, and talk about it later." Gu Ning’s heart secretly said that it was not good, forgetting to say hello to his girlfriend in advance. Now that this is not appropriate to say this on the dining table, so as not to be unpleasant.Essence

Mother Gu looked at Su Qing thoughtfully.

"Xiaoqing, how long have you been in Gu Ning and our family?" After packing the chopsticks, Mother Gu took Su Qing and started chatting.

"For four years, we are college classmates, a professional." The relatives beside him have returned. Facing the parents of his boyfriend directly, Su Qing’s relaxed heart began to flutter and jump up again.

"It’s been a long time, it’s really going to get married, you, you, hurry up and get pregnant first. When you get a big stomach, the wedding will be postponed, don’t grieve you!" Mother Gu patted Su Qing’s hand to make a look, Su QingBut the more I feel wrong, the more I feel wrong, I always feel weird.

"Children’s affairs follow it naturally …" Su Qing smiled and smiled a little uncomfortable. How did this family ask for children.

Mother Gu suddenly loosened her hands and looked at Su Qing with a smile. She saw that Su Qing’s heart was slowly opened. "We Ning didn’t tell you?Just now we urged you to ask your children quickly, so as not to be wronged when you get it. "

Ghostly me?Being pregnant is the grievances, right?IntersectionSu Qing almost jumped up, and she was not unexpectedly pregnant and rushed to get married. Why is pregnancy now become a prerequisite for marriage?Intersection

The atmosphere became a little embarrassed for a moment, and Su Qing looked down at the phone and didn’t know what to say.

"What’s wrong?" Gu Ning and his father had just returned from the outside. As soon as they entered the door, they saw that their girlfriend and mother’s face were a little wrong.

"Nothing, just talk to Xiao Qing for a while, let you quickly ask for children first, I have seen the days, the days in the second half of the year are good. At that time! "Mother Gu seemed to look at the son a little bit blame.

"What kind of custom of your family! How can there be the truth of making people a young girl who is unmarried! I want to be shameless!" Just now, the elders Su Qing never talked much."Do you know it early in the morning?"

"We have always been like this here. I was afraid that you did n’t respond to it before …" Gu Ning looked helplessly at his girlfriend’s cheeks, and couldn’t help but kiss the other party’s smooth forehead."Okay, don’t be angry, you also know that the old man’s thinking can’t be changed."

Su Qing’s mood was a little better by Gu Ning’s hugging and coaxing, while holding Gu Ning’s chest and said, "I can tell you that before not getting a certificate, I will not be pregnant!! I am not popular! Do you know? "After speaking, he looked at Gu Ning, and there was a pivotal posture.

"How? You can’t break a example for me? We haven’t done anything, and they are all done." The girlfriend in her arms asked, Gu Ning asked tentatively.

"Think of beauty! There is no door! I think I am pregnant when I am pregnant. Do you think I do n’t have to do something else?" Seeing that Su Qing looked like there was no room for discussing, Gu Ning immediately stopped the topic and kissed two again.Coax people.

For three days, Su Qing insisted on going back early for two days. It was really unable to hold the Gu Ning’s family’s seven aunts and eight aunts. I just met that she was pregnant.Su Qing was stiffened with a smile and only felt a fire in the bottom of her heart, but looked at Gu Ning’s face hard, almost didn’t strangle himself.Gu’s mother reminded herself to get pregnant early, and made Su Qing tirelessly. She just went back and did not know if she would quarrel.

In addition to having children, Gu Ning’s parents are actually very satisfied with Su Qing, just like Su Qing’s parents are also very satisfied with Gu Ning.

"Xiao Qing, you are not young. When will you tell Gu Ning and arrange your parents to meet and set the matter." On this day, Su Qing returned to his parents’ house for dinner.thing.

The original plan of the young couple was Su Qing arranged for the parents to meet with the parents after seeing Gu Ning’s home and met her parents, but now they have come out of such a story.If you blew it, you can’t arrange a meeting now!

"Oh, Grandma Gu Ning was sick recently. His parents couldn’t get empty, so he had to make an appointment." He just found an excuse to obscure the past, but he was more anxious to get his parents.

With the repeated urging of Su Qing, Gu Ning took the time to return to his hometown and planned to talk to his parents alone. After all, he had been with Su Qing for so many years.

"Gu Ning, we are still very satisfied with Xiao Qing’s girl, but this is more satisfied, it is useless to be born."It came out.The girl is pregnant before the marriage. It is afraid that when we wear it, you are afraid that people will not be born. As long as they can give birth, they can get married.

"Mom, where can you see that Xiao Qing can’t give birth, let’s be good, you can rest assured, we all discuss it, we have to have a child as soon as you get married, and never plan any plans!" Gu Ning cried and watched his mother vowedGuarantee.

"Such a thin girl, it’s hard to say, in case you can’t give birth, you will get married at that time, it will not be more troublesome to make trouble! If we can give birth, our family will not treat her.It’s missing! "Gu’s mother remembered Su Qing’s slender limbs. Beautiful is beautiful, but it feels that the bones of the body are too weak. At first glance, it is not good.

"Mom! The rules are dying, and people are alive. If you are not assured, can’t you go for a pre -marital inspection?" Gu Ning had another idea to see his mother showed no signs of loosening.

"Don’t tell me to check before marriage, there is nothing to use at all! It’s better to have it directly!" When it comes to marriage, the mother’s mother is even more what you clicks, "Is your cousin?There are no children! Isn’t your sister -in -law who can’t be born. Isn’t it normal for the marriage inspection? Who knows that there are problems later? Now I make a chicken flying and jumping every day.

"Your mother makes sense. Besides, it’s not normal to get pregnant before getting married. It is normal for us to help you bring you while taking advantage of the movement." The father also helped his mother to speak.

Seeing that the son’s face was not very good, Gu’s mother eased the face and persuaded his son: "Son, not that we will not let you knot, you are young, you don’t understand how much the child will spend in the future.You can do n’t want children, you want children later, it ’s too late! Do you see these examples here?”

We didn’t say that we couldn’t give birth!Gu Ning sighed and stopped talking. He understood that his parents could not listen to their suggestions at all.

After living in two days, I still returned without success. It seems that I can only find a way from Su Qing.

At first, Su Qing was not in a hurry. After all, after all, this is the custom of their hometown. It has to give people a buffer time. Who knows that a few months have passed? Gu Ning is like a shadow. Su Qing is anxious.If you do n’t get married, you will find the opportunity to mention it with Gu Ning.

"Gu Ning, do you want to marry me?" As soon as Gu Ning arrived, he was stopped by Su Qing.

"Marry! Why don’t you want to marry!" Gu Ning felt that he had died unjustly. If he didn’t want to go, he saw any parents.

"Then why don’t you mention anything now? My parents asked me two days ago, and I have to prepare a lot of things!" I heard Gu Ning’s guarantee that Su Qing was relieved, and the tone was unconsciously eased.Come down, and shook her boyfriend’s hand and sprinkled Jiao.

"Xiao Qing, do we want a child first?" Gu Ning’s uneasiness in Su Qing didn’t see it, but his parents had to "take the baby to the certificate".Stop with his girlfriend, but he was proposed by his girlfriend first.

"Ah?" Su Qing looked at Gu Ning and looked at Gu Ning.

Now that Su Qing did not understand, Gu Ning didn’t get his parents at all. This is the change direction to get herself!

"Xiao Qing, let’s have a bad certificate now. Others are no different from marriage after marriage. Just give birth to a child to rest assured, okay? Do you still do n’t believe our feelings for so many years?"Holding Su Qing’s hand to explain, he also explained that he also intended for the future of the two people. After all, this is the most troubled method. It is good for everyone.

"Then if I can’t give birth? Isn’t it needed to get married in this marriage?"Wonderful)

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