Reasons for anemia for pregnant women, food and taboos for blood supplementation

The most taboo during pregnancy is the anemia of pregnant women, because anemia is not only bad for the fetus, but also has great harm to the pregnant woman itself.Pregnant women are originally a special constitution, with a lot of taboos, not all drugs are suitable for pregnant women.So there are strict requirements for your pregnant woman with blood.So let’s read the following article.What is the reason for anemia? What food should we eat usually to achieve the effect of nourishing blood.

1. Iron deficiency.

The demand for iron after pregnancy has increased significantly.Iron is the basic element of hemoglobin. Red blood cells containing hemoglobin can transport oxygen to other cells in your body.During pregnancy, the blood volume in your body will increase by 30%to 45%.Therefore, pregnant women need more iron to synthesize hemoglobin for additional blood volume.In addition, pregnant women also need some iron to meet the needs of baby and placenta.

However, most women do not store enough iron at the beginning of pregnancy to meet the increase in the body’s need for iron.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, it is prone to symptoms of anemia.

If the following situations occur, it is more prone to iron deficiency anemia: vomiting during pregnancy is serious and frequent; the time interval between twice before and after two times is short; the twins or multiple births; lack of iron in daily diet; menstruation before pregnancy before pregnancy; menstruation before pregnancy.Bleeding more.

Pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia can eat more iron -rich foods in their diet.

2. Lack of folic acid or vitamin B12.

Pregnant women who are anemia due to the lack of folic acid or vitamin B12, in addition to consulting doctors who take targeted folic acid tablets, multi -dimensional tablets, etc., they should also eat more folic acid -rich foods and vitamin -rich foods in their daily diet.

3. Several diseases, hereditary blood diseases such as sickle cell anemia.

What foods do pregnant women eat

1. Eat more fruits

Although the iron content is not high, the rich vitamin C in the fruits can promote the absorption of iron in food.Vitamin C in vegetables can also promote iron absorption, but the components of tannic acid, phosphate, oxalic acid in some vegetables will be combined with iron, affecting absorption. Although spinach and rape are rich in iron, the absorption rate is only 1%-5%.Therefore, spinach and rapeseed are suitable for simmer water first, and then cook to destroy oxalic acid.

2. Persist in taking folic acid

When are you preparing to replenish folic acid? Folic acid as a vitamin that can prevent fetal baby neurophastin has been widely used in pregnant mommy.In fact, folic acid is also involved in red blood cell synthesis, and proper supplementation of folic acid is also conducive to preventing anemia.

3. Oral iron agent

For moderate anemia, in addition to improving nutrition, oral iron treatment can be treated, such as iron sulfate, glucose sulfate, abundance and blood -vibrant grabel.

Some pregnant mothers worry about the baby in the belly and have doubts about any drug.For the maternal mummy of the iron, as long as it is taken to regulate the doctor’s advice, it is not harmful to the baby’s baby.

Improve the law of iron absorption in the diet. It is also applicable to iron agents. If you can use fruit juice, drink milk for a certain period of time. It is best not to drink tea during the period of taking iron.

Iron agents are irritating to the gastric mucosa, which can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and gastric discomfort. Therefore, the iron should take after meals or in meals.The stool is black after taking an iron, which is normal, so don’t worry.

Pregnant moms should take calcium supplements, or pregnant mothers with stomach diseases should be staggered with the iron agent to avoid interfering with iron absorption.

What can’t pregnant women eat anemia?

Tea can help digestion and help absorb nutrients. However, patients with iron deficiency anemia do not drink tea when taking blood supplements, because the tannic acid contained in tea can be combined with iron agents to prevent the body’s absorption.

Because the main drugs for treating anemia are iron, and milk contains more phosphorus in milk. Phosphorus can blend with iron into a material that is difficult to dissolve in water to affect the absorption of iron.Essence

Garlic and garlic containing more volatile substances can reduce blood sugar. Eating more garlic will suppress human gastric secretion. Raw cooked products can reduce hemoglobin and red blood cells. Patients with anemia will aggravate the disease if consumed.

The gastrointestinal function of patients with fried food anemia directly affects the recovery of the disease. On the one hand, a large amount of nutrients in fried foods are destroyed, and on the other hand, it also affects digestion and absorption, causing intestinal dysfunction, which affects disease recovery.

Bloody food

Although there are many blood supplements, blood supplements suitable for pregnant women are still restricted.Pregnant women’s blood supplement can be roughly divided into traditional blood supplement health products, iron vegetables, vegetables rich in vitamins, meat and eggs, and other dried fruits and fruits.Let me introduce these pregnant women one by one.

Foods rich in high -quality protein: such as eggs, milk, fish, lean meat, shrimp and beans.

Foods rich in vitamin C: fresh fruits and green vegetables, such as jujube, apricot, orange, hawthorn, tomato, bitter gourd, green persimmon pepper, lettuce, green bamboo shoots, etc.Vitamin C has the function of participating in hematopoietic and promoting iron absorption and utilization.

Iron -rich foods: chicken liver, pork liver, beef kidney, lean meat, egg yolk, kelp, black sesame, sesame sauce, black fungus, soybeans, mushrooms, brown sugar, rapeseed, celery, etc.Iron is the main component of blood, and people with iron deficiency anemia are more common.

How to make up for anemia

Jujube lotus seeds longan soup

Materials: 25 grams of jujube (dry), 30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of longan meat, 20 grams of rock sugar.


1. Soak the lotus seeds with water and peel the heart.

2. Red dates to nuclear.

3. Put red dates, lotus seeds, and longan meat in the casserole.

4. Add an appropriate amount of water and cook until the lotus seeds are rotten.

5. Add rock sugar and season.

Health reminder:

Jujube: sweet, warm, nourishing qi, cure deficiency, nourishing the heart and lungs, replenishing blood, nourishing blood, can nourish the aging.

Ginseng Zao Decoction


5 red dates, 10 grams of ginseng tablets, 1 small piece of rock sugar.


1. Wash the red dates, put it in a small pot with ginseng films, add a glass of water, and simmer for 1 small time.

2. Add rock sugar to melt.

Health reminder:

Ginseng: sweet, warm, can replenish qi, and the spirit is natural.

Qizi Nanzao pot egg


20 grams of wolfberry, 10 south jujube, 2 eggs.


1. Put wolfberry, south jujube, and eggs with an appropriate amount of water in the pot.

2. After the egg is cooked, remove the egg and cook for another 10 minutes.

Health reminder:

The chicken eggs of the nanzaba pot for nourishing the eggs, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Carp nourishing blood soup

Materials: 4 two black beans, 2 slices of ginger, 10 red dates, 1 carp, a small piece of Chenpi, and the appropriate amount of pepper.


1. Remove the scales, gills, fins, and internal organs of the carp. Add less oil in the pot and fry it slightly until golden yellow.

2. Go to the black dan and clean it. Put it in the pot. You do n’t need to put oil, stir -fry until the bean clothes are cracked, and then wash it with water.

3. Go to the nucleus of red dates, peel the ginger, wash the skin, and set aside.

4. Boil the water, cook black beans, red dates, Chenpi, ginger on high heat for 10 minutes, then turn to the fire for one and a half hours, and finally put the carp and cook for 30 minutes.

Health reminder:

Carp supplement blood soup to nourish yin and nourish blood, nourish liver and kidney, calm the eyes and soothe the nerves, strengthen the spleen and qi, diuretic and swelling.

By reading above, we understand that pregnant women’s anemia may be caused by iron deficiency or lack of folic acid and vitamin B12. Of course, genetic factors are not ruled out.Therefore, it is introduced in the article that pregnant women should eat more fruits of fruits and insist on taking folic acid. If in severe cases, they should take oral orphan suitable for pregnant women.But pregnant women should try not to drink tea during pregnancy, do not eat garlic and fried foods.Do not drink milk while taking the medicine that treats anemia.October is not easy, but these ten months.If you do not well condition your body, it will also affect your baby’s future constitution.Therefore, whether it is for you or for your baby, we must reaches the various trace elements of the body.

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